Extension of visa status in North Carolina

People can immigrate to the US for employment or educational opportunities. If they enter the country, their visas allow them to stay in the US for some time.
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Expiration date of the permit for stay of the person can be found in the lower right corner of the US Customs and Border Protection (CPP) Form I-94, Record of the arrival and departure.
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There are several reasons that you may need to extend the immigrant visa status. As in North Carolina live-known institutions such as the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University and the University of North Carolina, many people tend to extend the visa for academic purposes. Specific reasons may include:

  • The student needs additional time to complete their training
  • The student wants to pass summer school
  • The student wants to attend graduate school

Regardless of whether a person is in the US on a student visa, for example, F-1 or M-1 or B-1, B-2 or M-2, he can use the US Citizenship and Immigratsyynyya Service (USCIS), e immigration system (ELIS) ​​electronically file form I-539 application for an extension / change of status neimigranta. USCIS encourages people to apply to extend your stay at least 45 days before the expiration of their authorized stay.
People can apply for an extension of visa status until such time as:

  • They have been lawfully admitted to the US non-immigrant visa
  • Their status of non-immigrant visas are still valid
  • They did not commit any crimes, which make them unsuitable for obtaining visas
  • They have not violated the conditions of their admission
  • Their passports are valid and will be valid for the period of stay

As part of the treatment on the extension of the visa status of the person may be required to submit to the CCIS evidence which may include:

  • Documents showing the reasons for the extension of
  • Proof of sufficient funds, the applicant can support in the US
  • support confirmation

A person who stays in the country after his visa expired term, risks to be deported. If a person has filed a Form I-539 and the date specified in his pass I-94 passes, he or she will most likely not be afraid that will be taken action to remove, until his application is still under consideration. However, it is recommended that the immigrants did not take any unauthorized employment opportunities, and students can not participate in any classes until their status extension has not been approved UCIS.
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