final section


A few months ago I read an article about the 22-year-old successful young lady who died untimely death in a plane crash. The more I read this article, the stronger was my heart because she had died at the height of its development years. No less dramatic was the fact that she died before writing a book, which he wrote – before you finish the last chapter.

Now your book is written – and you are the author. Every moment that passes, every day that a & # 39 is and disappears, written on your pages. Every word you say, every action you take – it page by page in your book of life. The way you live and how you treat others, also forms the pages of your book – from cover to cover.

With retrospective possibly the beginning of your books are not written due to errors or unreasonable decisions – but you can finish a bestseller.

You can finish a bestseller, because you are the protagonist and you its current and future actions to control how will prachytatstsa summary sections of your book. You can complete the victory, doing things that I enjoy, and do not take life for granted, or other.

Start a new chapter today – a leader who will give you and others delight to read.

Enjoy on who you are and what you do. Keep writing and live life to the fullest.

How to read your book so far – and – what will your final section?

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