Key places where shooting "The Hunger Games" took place near Asheville, North Carolina


In the summer of 2011 around Asheville rumors that the film crew was in Hollywood near the border road in the Pisgah National Forest, near the town of Barnardsvil. National headlines have confirmed that the film was shot in the Asheville area. While some may have wandered in this remote woodland to see the movie stars and the team at work, many of the locals until recently did not know the true name of the movie.

This year's launch of the "Galadovchyh games" is accompanied by a large advertising a new movie. CNN, Entertainment Weekly and other national news sources confirmed the shooting of several places that were used in Western North Carolina. Like "Twighlight" films, the film has a & # 39 is a big hit among teenagers and young children as well as adults. This postapokaliptichnye drama set in the imaginary futuristic North America, which is divided into many different areas, and not on the country and the state. The plot depends on the young people who indulge in "tribute" to fight for survival in the District 12 – Appalachian Mountains.

"Hunger Games" was filmed in the deserts near Asheville and Shelbi, North Carolina. Some scenes were filmed in the arena to Charlotte. Scenic spots, where the shooting took place – this is the most pristine natural areas surrounding Eshevil. The stars of the film located at the Indigo in the heart of Asheville and have been seen in some of the city's most famous eateries, bars and cafes. I identified several places in western North Carolina, where supporters of the films can trace the steps of actors, actresses and crew of "The Hunger Games." For those who want to visit the desert, bring plenty of water, be sure to wear a pair of hiking boots and bring with them rain when the weather & # 39; e is different when you go out "on the trail."

Recreational Forest Dupont

The sequence of fire and the sword of the arena has been removed in the recreational forest DuPont, less than an hour south of Eshevila. With stunning waterfalls and swimming pools, as well as with a canopy of deciduous trees that cover the trail, timber DuPont – one of the most accessible of desert areas near Eshevila. Take a friend or loved one and going to the triple waterfall and waterfall for the bride. Hike actually a simple class with low incomes in height.

rocky mountain

In the shadow of Craggy Mountain Reservoir is North Fork, a huge lake, which serves as a public water supply Buncombe County. The film crew "The Hunger Games" was filming the scene at the fountain – but this area is closed to tourists and public access. Viewers can look at the reservoir Shtragkay trails tops, available in the parking lot at 364.5 on the Blue Ridge park. The ascent takes about 20-30 minutes and for some may be considered as stressful as a continuous level of elevation. Tourists awarded 360-degree views of the surrounding area, as well as views of the reservoir "North villa" with a high mountaintop.

Coleman border in Pisgah National Forest

This movie set is located near the town of Appalachian Barnardsvil, about 40 minutes drive north-east of Eshevila. Fans of the movie went to the sleepy mountain town Barnardsvil, and the first will be an excursion to the Novita cross, zip line adventure sends participants who fly over the tops of trees. For the filming, it was a day when one of the film's stars Josh Hutcherson (L & # 39; ETA) took a tour of the index with his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens. Not far from the road in the area "Coleman" plots "Hunger" were filmed in the Pisgah National Forest. This remote area in the summer months and a magnificent green, with flows of streams and towering trees. Be respectful to private residences built along the Pisgah National Forest boundaries, and do not penetrate to the location on the earth ground. Find the path that rises to the spectacular mountain from the west. Sometimes it can be tough. Bring a good hiking boots and snacks are filled with protein, and take a day trip.

For those who prefer the convenience of being in Asheville, and not in the desert, there are a few great places that you need to follow in the footsteps of the cast. According to, "The actors reportedly had lunch in the cafe Laughter Seeds, Lexington Avenue Brewery, Wasabi and Southern cuisine and bars. They also stopped at the store / cafe Malapropa, local independent bookstore." Use these key places of interest for the cast as a template for Eshevile on excursions. Or improvise on the road, do some shopping in the eclectic shop windows, visit the gallery district, or just people who are looking at trees arcades, sipping a drink.