I took a DWI trial by jury


Sometimes people refer to me, who want to fight with their teeth and nails, which charge DWI. They believe that they are weakened at the wheel, and they died, confident that a jury of their peers will find them "not guilty."

Regardless of whether the customer wants – also known as the defendant or the defendant – to go to a jury trial. This is their life.

If the matter is needed in order to take in the jury, I'll be happy to fight. Even there, if the case is complicated, time-consuming or difficult to hear the case, I'm glad to talk in fact the jury. In the end, I trial attorney.

But here, that someone should know about how North Carolina controlled DWI.

1. Before we get into the jury, first you will need to go through the trial. Depending on various factors, consideration of the case in the district court may take 6 to 9 months.

2. If you win after the judgment on the merits in the district court, your case is closed. State of North Carolina can not appeal the verdict in the district court. (The state can appeal the lost application for suppression, if a person has not been appointed.)

3. If you lose after a trial on the merits in the district court – that is, if you are found guilty – you're on your choice you can appeal the verdict.

4. You or your attorney may give notice of appeal in open court. This is the easiest way to handle. In most cases, the judge did not impose an appeal. If no charges are levied, you can go beyond a court with a license (provided that otherwise you might have to go to court) and continue their lives while your business will not come to the consideration of the Supreme Court.

5. If the district court you do not give notice of appeal, you have to give a message about the appeal within 10 days from the date of the decision of the District Court, if you want to appeal it. The notice must be given in writing to the court clerk. The Wake County Clerk of Court criminal court is in room 102 of the court.

6. After you have submitted a notice of appeal, a new trial date will be set – this time in the Supreme Court, and you will need to & # 39 will appear in a higher court to get a trial date. The Wake County appealed so much to do, that literally hundreds of people who lined up on Monday to the second Monday in 3D courtroom.

It is important to remember that what you lost the case in the District Court, does not mean that you are bound to lose their job in the Supreme Court. This is because the jury could include more skeptical to the point of the state. Or because over time can weaken the case of the state.

For you, it is important to discuss all possibilities with counsel as to how to hire a lawyer, but if you get lost in the district court.