Moving from the North to South Carolina


If you are wondering about the transition from north to Columbia, South Carolina, you will encounter some changes. We have a southern climate, and we dress for the weather & # 39; and.

If there is snow, there is no school! The whole city stops when the February snow squall hits the ground. The reason for this is simple: in Colombia there is no system for snow and ice or any accidents that may happen as a result. Thus, not only we do not have to shovel snow if the snow does not work and do not go to school!

Hot, hot, hot summer! If you are moving to Columbia, SC, consider how to search a house in the vicinity of the public swimming pool. The fees for the pool is usually paid from the fees for the association of property owners. If at the time of purchase of the house you see a house with private ground swimming pool, which you can afford to buy it. The value of the house does not increase in the pool, so you buy a home and get a free swimming pool. The average price of land for the installation of the pool is 15 000 dollars for a swimming pool with a vinyl liner.

Lake Murray – perfect summer escape. Lake Murray is more than 50 000 hectares and has a depth of 200 feet. The coast line of Lake Murray is more than 500 miles. It's 500 miles of fun. Residents of Columbia, Lexington Irmo and enjoy summer vacation at Lake Murray. On any given day you can see the ski boats, pontoon boats, pine runners and sailing boats on the lake. If you can afford a house on Lake Murray, you should buy it. Lake Murray value of real estate is constantly growing (they are more do not).

We wear short trousers all year round. I know it sounds Var & # 39; Jacek, but in the south we wear short trousers all year round. We dress them with kastsyumavymi coat to work. We put their sweaters in the winter. We put them on the heels or wear flats. If you have no short pants, you can buy them when they get here!

If you are considering moving to Columbia, SC to accept the changes. Throw away your old snow boots and go down and put on slippers. We will be waiting for you at the pool.