The best dishes of the restaurant in Durham


You go to Durham? You just moved there? You're a longtime resident who is looking for an exciting new restaurants? Well, here is the final review of the dishes that you have a & # 39; is, in Durham, North Carolina!

  1. Quiet puppies with Allen and sons barbecue (at Chapel Hill) Okay, so maybe I lied to it, but it was hard not to put all the menus on this review. None of the posh puppies, which I have not tried in the area (which is a lot when you think about how many restaurants claim to an authoritative source for NC barbecue), can not even get close to them. They are just sweet and lightly flavored corn and seasoned on the outside and fry until crispy perfection. Although the restaurant is probably wins the award for barbecue it with this dish, they also did not destroy the ribs, and pork kebabs.
  2. Chicken wings with ginger habañero lattice Oval Park Oval Park Grille – This is usually a quiet sports bar with a wide open feeling. Here's the twist: it realizes itself as "local as hell." On the menu you will find salads of tiny farms, twenty-four hours a farm in the region, and fish caught in North Carolina. The food is all very tasty, although the flavor combinations may be too creative, but the wings are truly amazing. I would recommend the sauce with ginger-habanera, because it makes the idea of ​​a chicken on a whole new level. You will not be able to put them.
  3. Macaroni and Cheese Gratin Watts of food products Every time I come here, I can not order this dish, although it is too big to be a snack. Something in this as gratsina and served in a pan, making it just irresistible. Top cheese cooked simply, to get the thin crust and the inner macaroni and cheese is extremely soft and fragrant. As I try to share this with various friends and family & # 39; it, I end up eating all herself.
  4. Carnitas Burrito with Chubby & Taco This restaurant is generally near perfect. The service is quick, the atmosphere is casual, and the chips are always delivered to the table for free. I especially like their collection of sharp salt. I would recommend anything on the menu, but I usually eat "Carnitas Burrito", which is stuffed with meat and rice and hot sauce. Unlike many buryto that I had in Durham, it does not taste too fat or too heavy.
  5. Lamb and sausage pizza with Pizza Thor Unfortunately, I can not give very favorable review of this restaurant. In my opinion, it's too loud and constantly too closely. Of course, it is good for the restaurant, but the customer is not present. On Thursday night, waiting for 20 minutes of waiting, and it's a place that sits at the same table as someone else. The service is also a bit slow. The pizza, however, is good! Flavor combinations are very creative, but always come out right, and the pizza is cooked in a modern-style brick oven. The food comes out hot, and I have no complaints about this dish, although the restaurant I eat.

Thanks for reading, and please let me know if you have any favorite dishes in Durham!