Carolina Panther History – intriguing

Carolina Panther is part of the NFC South division. They are located in Charlotte, North Carolina, but the team acts as a representative for the North and for South Carolina. Along with "Zhaksanvilskimi jaguars," Caroline Panthers history is short, so they became part of the NFL in 1995. An impressive achievement in the history of […]

Mountain residents to embrace Green Living

Sustainability, green building and energy efficiency – all these words that are part of today's main consciousness. With the spread of global environmental awareness, some regions of the US act as the leaders of the movement for green living. One of the alternative energy centers of the country – Western North Carolina (WNC), where the […]

Fort Fisher Hermit

Robert E. Haryl, also known as the "Hermit" – a character created in the history of Fort Fisher, North Carolina. Of course, one of the most famous people of the Isle of complexes. He was the subject of a documentary film, a book, "Society" and many articles about his life and times. He lived "outside […]

How to win money 5

You are lucky today? Or lucky escapes from your door? Then chase him, as there are many ways to try your luck and not just "luck", but also wealth. North Carolina is a popular lottery game that can offer thousands of chances to win a persistent person. Playing the lottery is called the North Carolina […]

Hiking Kings, South Carolina

Historic District Kings Mountain in the southern part of South Carolina offers a variety of good options hikes. Entrances National Military Park King Mountain Island and King Mauri State Park is located three miles from each other on SC Hwy 216 near Blacksburg, South Carolina. Additional trails are located in the city park Crowder & […]

For trains K

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, founded MDK Incorporated, originally possessed these products and eventually sold their K-Line Train, which is actually a & # 39 is a trademark for the & # 39; S & # 39; and & # 39; On the & # 39; calibrate the model of steam locomotives. At an early age […]

School is back, and buses – you know the law?

Labor Day was this past weekend thus marks the end of summer. This means that the children are back in school, and school buses, which are in full motion, will be slower. Act to stop on buses; but accidents happen every year, accidents involving drivers with injuries of children, passing on a school bus stop. […]

5 reasons for living in Clayton, North Korea

Finding a good home in the best localities of North Carolina may seem a daunting task, if only because there are so many good, small communities where they live and the beautiful landscapes of outstanding life homes. Such towns as Clayton, North Carolina – it's just the perfect city and offer something that has to […]