Carolina Panther History – intriguing


Carolina Panther is part of the NFC South division. They are located in Charlotte, North Carolina, but the team acts as a representative for the North and for South Carolina. Along with "Zhaksanvilskimi jaguars," Caroline Panthers history is short, so they became part of the NFL in 1995. An impressive achievement in the history of Caroline Panthers was their with & # 39; Super Bowl appearance in 2003, a total of 8 years from the time of their creation. If Carolina Panther first joined the NFL, they were part of the western division of the NFC. In 2002 they were transferred to the South Division NFC, which was of great significance in view of their location. Carolina Panthers mascot with & # 39 is Sir Perrault, and he manages Marty garbage.

Carolina Panthers history began in the late 1980s, following the approval of a professional NBA expansion team. Shernets Charlotte, who is currently in New Orleans Hornets, with & # 39 is the basis for the former Baltimore Colts player Jerry Richardson to discuss the possibility of creating a NFL expansion team. His company, Richardson Sports, chose the urban campus in Charlotte, where they will build a private stadium, which is home to more than 70 thousand fans. All joined in the efforts to show its support for the efforts to prove the NFL, that Charlotte should NFL teams. In the pre-season games in 1989, 1990 and 1991 all rasprodazhnym Games were held, once again, to show support for the NFL. In 1992, Charlotte discussed the expansion of the group, as well as Baltimore, Louisville, Memphis and Jacksonville. The vote was delayed until 1993, given that the league is still a dispute. It was October 26, 1993 NFL announced that Carolina will become the 29th franchise for the NFL, making them the first new team in the league with the 70-ies.

The history of the Carolina Panthers in the 1995 season; House Capers was appointed head coach, and they acquired their team through a newly formed preparation method. In addition to the popular electorate, such as Rod Smith, Mark Kar & # 39; er and Kerry Collins, Carolina Panther also had the right to enjoy the process of free agency. A characteristic aspect of the history of the Carolina Panthers – that they won their first game in the car & # 39; EASURES playing in the Hall of Fame game against the Jaguars, which was also a new team that year. Of course, this game was known as the "Battle of the big cats," and we'll let you figure out why. Panthers new stadium still under construction, so all of their home games were held in Klemsan University.

In the late 90's Carolina Panthers history it was rough; Rae Caruth was sent to prison for conspiring to murder his pregnant girlfriend. At the same time, Kerry Collins was cut from the team due to problems with alcoholism and accusations to make racial defects on his teammates. Fred Lane, who traded in the Indianapolis Colts in 2000, was killed by his wife shortly after trading teams. During this time the team is not significantly acted on the field, and House Capers was let go after the season 98. In 1999, George Seifert was hired to replace him, as he won two Super Bowl titles with the 49ers. However, his time with the team was disastrous, and he was immediately released in 2001. Trying to "Panther" to buy Steve Spoor & # 39; s and Tony Dang in 2002 was unsuccessful. Thus, they chose John Fox as head coach, who was a former defensive coordinator of the Giants. In 2003, Carolina was a much better team, placing them in Super Bowl XXXVIII, which they eventually won! Given their short history, with & # 39; appearance of Super Bowl – a great achievement and something remarkable in the history of the Carolina Panthers!


Mountain residents to embrace Green Living


Sustainability, green building and energy efficiency – all these words that are part of today's main consciousness. With the spread of global environmental awareness, some regions of the US act as the leaders of the movement for green living. One of the alternative energy centers of the country – Western North Carolina (WNC), where the city Eshevil lives.

According to an article by Dale Neal, "Videareklama Green Economy," from February 22, 2008 Asheville Citizen-Times The WNC 80 based green builders. In the 7-minute video Neil mentions "AdvantageGreen" director Kurt Mans with the "American Green TV" and discusses the practice of green building in Eshevile and around North Carolina.

The video shows three solar companies WNC and highlights three major energy projects: the installation of solar panels FLS Energy for hotels in Grynsbora installation Appalachian Energy solar hot water systems on the roofs of Arby restaurants and Sundance Power installation of solar panels on houses Deltec.

Simple ideas for life in green

Maintaining a friendly and healthy way of life is not as difficult as many believe. Methods of green building and alternative energy systems are becoming more accessible to the ordinary citizen. There are even ways to make the existing structure more energy efficient, be it a house or a commercial building.

Energy Star efficiency standards

One of the easiest ways to improve energy efficiency – it is the purchase of products recognized by the program, Energy Star. The company is funded by the Energy Star by the Environmental Protection Agency by the American media and gives a special certification for products that provide the highest efficiency level in a particular category. All certified products must meet certain guidelines, and then allowed to wear the logo Energy Star. For more information about Energy Star, visit:

energy efficient lighting

Natural light – the easiest way to save energy in the home. Consider the size and location of all the windows in your home. Properly placed mirrors or Atrium also increase natural lighting and electrical efficiency. While building a house easier to make these considerations, you will be amazed at how quickly the investment in smart, energy-efficient repair can pay for itself.

Energy-efficient, green life with passive solar and passive cooling

Passive solar and passive cooling – maintaining excellent energy efficiency strategy. Passive solar optimizing the use of thermal protection materials. Many aspects of the home affect the heating and cooling, even the direction he is facing, can reduce energy costs.

Choosing passive solar solution, remember the basic facts: the house, facing south, warmer than at home, which extend to the north. The houses, which are in the East, warmer in the morning and in the afternoon on the streets. It promotes passive cooling of the wind on high altitudes. Mountain slopes, facing away from the prevailing wind, provide shelter and warmth. Slopes that face the superior wind, cold.

Properly insulated walls, windows, roof and floor are also designed to attract or removal of solar heat. Special glazing can increase the efficiency of heating in winter and shades or blinds affect the cooling in the summer. Proper use of ceiling fans in the appropriate season can also improve energy efficiency.

Energy-efficient landscaping: as trees support energy efficient homes

The trees in your yard also support energy efficiency. In an article titled "Passive and proud: the idea of ​​green energy for your home," writer and Northern California real estate agent Carolyn Zherde-Tu with "motto David House" states: "Landscape Design – is another important issue in energy efficiency argument Deciduous. trees (summer leaves, bare in winter) provide a great shade for your home in the summer, but allow sun to warm your home in winter. plant these trees along the edges of the house, which receive the most sun. Evergreens also can provide effective work per apynak from cold winds in winter. "

Energy Efficiency Initiative: NC "Healthy House"

NC HealthyBuilt Homes – an initiative which is supported in the entire state of North Carolina Solar Center, the National Energy Bureau, Association of Home Builders in Eshevile and the Green Building Council of Western North Carolina (WNCGBC). According to the website WNCGBC,, NC HealthyBuilt program promotes energy efficiency, indoor air quality and accountability.

Energy-efficient construction also offers a number of federal and state tax benefits. Government incentives Base data for renewable energy and energy efficiency (DSIRE),, is an exhaustive list of taxes and incentives for home owners. Information about North Carolina and Asheville thoroughly described in detail in the database along with other cities and states.

Energy efficiency – a simple, affordable way to begin to lead a healthy and a more green lifestyle. Regardless of whether you are building a new home or looking for a way to increase the value of your existing home, invest in improving the efficiency of the house – an investment in the future.


Fort Fisher Hermit


Robert E. Haryl, also known as the "Hermit" – a character created in the history of Fort Fisher, North Carolina. Of course, one of the most famous people of the Isle of complexes. He was the subject of a documentary film, a book, "Society" and many articles about his life and times. He lived "outside the city" in an old abandoned bunker of World War II 16 years. Haryl hitchhiked to Fort Fisher, on the coast of North Carolina from the mountains in search of peace and refuge from the cruel and disappointing life. In its first 60 years, he finally decided to withdraw from society and closer to nature. His life was a sad, sweet, inspirational and courageous; his death was surrounded by mystery only adds another layer to his story. He was surly, setting out his version of "the school of common sense," the end of the 1960s, he was considered the second largest tourist attraction in the state of North Carolina after the Battleship USS North Carolina.

I went on the "Hermit hermit" to the bunker, which he called home. Like everyone else, I was intrigued by a man who lived in the middle of salonchaku, near the ocean, so independently for so long. He lived in a "fat earth '; Here on the coast were the oysters, fish and garden that he planted. He was weighing out hurricanes, the humidity and heat of the summer in Carolina, fought for their right to stay in their "home" against developers and other authorities who considered him a vagrant. Basically, his friends were the animals, stray cats, dogs and wild raccoons. Although, I can not imagine that he was lonely for human company – said that he kept a guest book that before his death contained no less than 100 000 entries. These pedestrians have made money in it, throwing money into the pan, or sharing a meal. He also took donations for posing in the photo.

He was quoted in 1968 in the "New Hanover Sun" because of its popularity,

"Everyone should be a hermit for a few minutes to an hour every 24 hours, to learn, to think and to communicate with its creators … millions of people want to do just what I do, but It's much easier to think than done, they subconsciously choose me to represent them, so I & # 39; m successful … "

I imagine he did not miss a lot of food and drinks. On his website there is a record from a local resident, who was about 16 years old when he went into town for groceries. The man remembers how put in the trunk of 30 bags of groceries!

Letters and stories, along with his personal collected records indicate that he lived a difficult life. He grew up through the depression in some tight & # 39; and a child. His marriage ended in divorce, and the eldest son committed suicide. I can link it to a desire to escape to a simpler life. To continue the story, his younger son Edward founded the hermit & # 39; Society. Inspiration, "teaching" and thought the hermit recorded in photos and film

His death June 3, 1972 was included in the list of a heart attack. Hermit found a group of teenagers in the early morning. His body was in the position of an eagle on the garbage heap. It's hard to convey how this saddens me.

You can still visit his bunker and walk the trail from the Fort Fisher / South End Beach Access. The trail begins at the visitor center. The trail is approximately ¼ mile from the hopper. You can continue up to the observatory deck on the top if the island where you can see heron, ibis, egret and other amazing coastal colonial birds. Regular sight for our friend the hermit.

Having learned all this about Robert Harry, I felt compelled to follow him and find his grave. It is located on Dow Road in the Federal Cemetery Point Point. It is a quiet place by the river in a shady, historic place. The tomb itself is covered with shells that are left as memories, I actually left himself when he knelt to read the headstone. It reads "He made people think". I'm not the only one, his visitors still seek him recently on DVD movie hermit Fort Fisher was also left on Robert's grave. The story of his life, "Battle for Independence; the life and times of Fort Fisher Hermit" is on sale at


How to win money 5


You are lucky today? Or lucky escapes from your door? Then chase him, as there are many ways to try your luck and not just "luck", but also wealth. North Carolina is a popular lottery game that can offer thousands of chances to win a persistent person. Playing the lottery is called the North Carolina Cash 5, which started in 2005 in North Carolina. This game offers the individual a chance to go after him. The game is very easy to play, just need to buy a ticket and choose five favorite numbers or number that you are lucky. If you want to get a bigger prize, then pursued the grand prize, comparing the five numbers that you have chosen. But if you are unlucky match the five numbers of your choice, there is still a chance to win, supadavshy at least two numbers that are selected.

For some reason, when no one wins for the day, there is no reason to worry, because the prize will be more and more, until finally no one wins the jackpot. It simply means that the odds of winning are increased. This continues so that playing and winning Cash Carol 5, need to be very strong and sustained. These are the key relationships that you need to have a man. If you easily feel after playing the first game, then the game is not quite for you. However, there are several ways that you can help a person benefit from this lottery. The market and the Internet are several books written "Math Master", which have been proven efficacy population. The number, which you can choose, starting with 1-39, playing the numbers, using tricks, which are given a math wiz, your chance of winning will increase. This focus will help you reduce lets not win. In North Carolina, a lot of people who play the North Carolina Cash 5, and the number of players reduces the chance of winning. Thus, using a trick to be able to win.

One of the circuits is 39 & # your mixing rooms with odd and even numbers. Using the methods of probability you will find the possible five corresponding numbers of random numbers that will be shown during the game. Another trick – do not use multiples or pattern. In addition, you should make sure that the numbers that correspond to you, do not have the same first and last digits. With this kind of numbers make you a failure from the start. Finally, the sum of five numbers can also support your chance to win.

It is a constant reminder to all of North Carolina Cash 5 players and other players in the lottery, so they were very attentive to the scheme, which they will use. Since this can be a basis to become a millionaire or become poorer. So, be persistent and reliable. Always hold it high to success followed, and the world can know how lucky you are. Chances of winning the lottery. Good luck!


Hiking Kings, South Carolina


Historic District Kings Mountain in the southern part of South Carolina offers a variety of good options hikes. Entrances National Military Park King Mountain Island and King Mauri State Park is located three miles from each other on SC Hwy 216 near Blacksburg, South Carolina. Additional trails are located in the city park Crowder & # 39; s, located right across the state line into North Carolina.

National Military Park Kings Mountain marks a significant victory against the English Americans, that was a turning point in the Revolutionary War. Way battlefield – this asphalt road 1.5 miles around the battlefield. Exhibits highlight the main events during the battle in 1780 on a ridge. Stops along the trail include two monuments and the grave of Patrick Ferguson, commander of the British troops who died in battle. The trail is steep in places.

The national park has three contrasting stitches that go to the nearby Kings Mtn State Park. Clarks Creek Trail – a 3-km-long trail runs from the visitor center of the national park to the lake Crawford State Park. In order to return the tourist center, tourists have to step back, having made a total hike of 6 miles. Browns Mountain trail passes 2.5 km from the Visitor Center to the mountain Browns. Tourists should go to the visitor center, making the overall hike in the 5 miles in length. Trail Park Loop Trail – a 16-mile-kilometer route through the two parks. Around there is a place for camping about halfway. The plot of the path in the national park is in the best condition. The plot of the path in the public park a few overgrown, the trees across the trail in spots. Tourists in overseas areas must register at the Visitor's Center.

Kings Mountain State Park offers additional options for trekking. Way of Living History Farms 1.5 km go from the parking lot on the lake Crawford to Living History Farms. These old outbuildings include a barn, a cotton gin and blacksmith's shop, which had been transferred to the park with the surrounding area. Nature with a light nature at 7 miles and begins at the parking lot of the lake Crawford and makes a loop back. Ridgeline trail connects state park and national park with the nearby City Park Mountain North Carolina in North Carolina. The trail runs north 2.5 km from the state line, and then continues for another 6.2 km to North Carolina to King's pinnacles in downtown Mountain State Park. Additional hiking trails are available in the park of North Carolina, which is located near the town of Kings Mountain, North Carolina.

Entrance to the National Military Park Kings Mtn free. Entrance fee to the park Kings Mountain St. It is $ 2 for adults, children under 15 years old and younger are free.


For trains K


Chapel Hill, North Carolina, founded MDK Incorporated, originally possessed these products and eventually sold their K-Line Train, which is actually a & # 39 is a trademark for the & # 39; S & # 39; and & # 39; On the & # 39; calibrate the model of steam locomotives. At an early age of four, Marie Klein began to show great interest in the toy trains that are closely watched by electric trains running on batteries and do those endless loops on these tracks toy trains. The most famous set of trains in those days was a mark of Lionel, and he received it as a gift at the age of six years. Ho pried him and tried to observe all aspects of the train, and in 1975 the Moors Klein founded MDK Inc., which had their initials.

Little Mary realized that millions of people are fascinated by trains as well as he is, and in 1974, while at school in the University of North Carolina, he had earned through a small business selling trains to mail model. As sales increase, he began to believe that for him & # 39 there was plenty of opportunity to create their own trains on the cans market.

Declaring a large number of supply to the growing increase in orders of their model trains, Maury Klein built a building on the land in the area of ​​Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and it is here that his mail order began to grow by leaps and bounds. His father went to the scene in 1979, to help the Moors in the creation of new models of trains – O27 and & # 39; O & # 39; gauge track under MDK K-Line, its brand and model.

MDK sold many brands of Lionel trains, and its closest competitor – MTH Electric Trains – it is a big dealer of Lionel trains. While business with mail order Marie grew up on it & # 39; to make known & # 39 were in well-known magazines trains, such as Model Railroader, which was very famous in the late decades of the 70s.

Another competitor Louis Marx and Company finally closed in 1978, and it marked the ascent of Mauro K-Line MDK trains. Mary even bought tools and accessories, which previously belonged to Marx, and used it in their product lines, and he was able to buy all these heavy machines and production paraphernalia for bankruptcy prices. He had many other tools that Marx left wading through old warehouses and factories, and finally found the form for the model of Marx's 1947 number 333 – the Pacific and in 1829 the composition of a few meters from Buffalo, New York. Part of the story was the fact that the composition was so decrepit snow come down from his roof, and in the warehouse had no lights and heating, and there they found the form.

Mary again were bought very fine acquisition in the form of stamps Cusa rolling stock. These stamps intended for the construction of trains Auburn, which had been the US model trains, as it was previously known. Williams Reproductions sold these stamps MDK K-Line in 1986, and in the same year MDK vyrabiv27 locomotives, cars and other shapes.


School is back, and buses – you know the law?


Labor Day was this past weekend thus marks the end of summer. This means that the children are back in school, and school buses, which are in full motion, will be slower. Act to stop on buses; but accidents happen every year, accidents involving drivers with injuries of children, passing on a school bus stop. Department of Transportation North Carolina released a graphical explanation of when and where to stop on school buses:

North Carolina law on school bus

If you find yourself in one of the above situations, you must stop until the bus & # 39; Stop-pen came out, and the red lights are flashing. Do not start moving again and not try to pass the school bus until after the stop-cock "will not be removed, fluttering red crane theft were excluded, and the bus started to move."

Take this law Sur & # 39; ozna

This is not just a trivial law of motion; violation of the law to stop the North Carolina school bus can have serious & # 39; serious consequences. For simple violations you may be found guilty of a misdemeanor Class 1 and get a fine of at least $ 500. Willful violations may result in a conviction of guilt and class and a minimum fine of 1,250 US dollars. If you hit and kill a man, you can be convicted of a crime Class H and get at least $ 2,500 fine, as well as threaten the much more serious & # 39; serious consequences. In some cases, can be revoked driver's license. ".

Not only that, for violations of the law provided for a high sentence, there is also a system for the capture of those who skip praezzhanyya school buses. Since 1999, the North Carolina campaign for safety under the name "Operation STOP ARM", which involves the use of video surveillance to catch offenders. In addition, according to The Dispatch, state troopers often go by bus and will patrol areas where there are complaints about violations – complaints that most frequently come from the bus drivers themselves.

What can you do?

It is therefore important for you to take this law Sur & # 39; ozna, because the consequences far from commonplace. Just remember that when it comes to school bus safety, know when to stop. Familiar with the rules of the road and be careful when passing a school bus. Also, if you see the violators who are school buses, make sure you report the incident to the state highway patrol. Children – our future; our responsibility – to keep them safe. STOP – it's the law!


Lake James State Park in the Sky, North Carolina, dog


Lake James – one of the most popular lakes in western North Carolina. Not far from the drive at least an hour, Lake James State Park is located east of Eshevila. We collected two volunteers and the dogs went there in a beautiful summer day. The entrance fee is not included. It was a pleasant surprise. Tethered dogs were welcome, it was another welcome surprise.

But cordoned off the beach is not allowed dog. It made sense for us. Instead, park rangers sent us gorgeous trail over the hill and through the woods. About a quarter of a mile to the trail was a small flow path that led to a small entrance to the lake. We were pleased to learn that we were the only ones on that day. We set the blanket and a picnic and the dogs Let them free. They raced up and down the beach trying to catch tiny waves. They went out into the deep water and swam with us. Oh, the water !!! The pure, clean and warm as the bath. It was the most pleasant surprise of all! This is an incredibly clean lake. at the dog smelled really clean when we got home … I used to wash the creek, smell them when they swim, but not on Lake James.

Canoeing, jet skiing and various floating car passed by the main body of the lake, but in our little private entrance everything was peaceful. Commemoration of transient boats were pleasant. This input would be the perfect place to bring an inflatable raft or inner tube. I hear that on this lake is good to catch fish, but we did not go to where the fishing occurred.

Our visit took place in July. Where were all the errors? If we were not bitten by mosquitoes left and right? It just does not happen. Who knows why. Flies were a few, that's all.

Bring a picnic when you go. No concessions there, and the nearest town is really not there. The park is located in the stockings, which should be any nice state park. Here is their website if you want to learn more:


Do not drive yourself, hire a travel in Fayetteville


Fayetteville in Cumberland County, Southeastern North Carolina, famous city, famous for the installation of the US Army under the name of Fort Bragg. It is a place in the county is the 6th-largest in the state of North Carolina and recorded a population of about 2.05 varnishes. A visitor who stays in the city should include a tour of the history of America, which is stored in the sights "of the Museum of air and special operations."

Nature lovers can pakarpavatstsa in the beauty of daffodils and camellias scattered at the Botanical Gardens in Cape Fear. There are a lot of things to see in just nakiravaytsesya Fayetvil, North Carolina, to stay! Slidably yourself or you need to hire professionals to work?

1] People are very busy and always on the run. Constant work that takes time, needs of the family & # 39; and daily worries and many other necessary tasks, can greatly reduce the morale. The idea to go to a new place that is not familiar, too scary and annoying. Splaniruytse carefully move and make it easy by hiring specialized engines in Fayetteville, North Korea.

2] It is a cruel and painful task to pack all the stuff something & # 39; and. It takes time, requires more effort and requires additional planning to do the job without interference. You are about to move into a new house in a new city. Transfer certainly emotionally and physically padatkaabkladaetstsa, so make sure to pack the expert concerns in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

3] You need to start separately their precious memories and things to each other, to keep them safe. Each piece should be evaluated, and tender of these require extra care. Can you think of how much sweat, struggle and energy is required in all of this? Get certified packers and movers to perform the tasks for you.

4] To move can take a lot of packaging and equipment, and things may need to be stored for a longer or shorter time, depending on customer needs. It requires a modern and safe equipment, until the transfer is completed and raspakuetstsa.

5] Delicate and fragile items need special care, and do it properly can only be prepared by a thorough and reliable staff. Experienced mobile teams will pack and unpack material, assessing its properties. Packed items selected from a source and discharged at the destination.

6] Packers and movers are working on your schedule and provide time for picking and shipping, so they do not violate your daily life.

7] Products covered with a dense protective covers from dirt, that they are not settled dust. This is a great option for the carved pieces of furniture. dirt particles cling to the small carved areas and settle there, refusing to budge. The best way to protect these fragile objects – tightly ekranavats them water- and dust-proof covers.


5 reasons for living in Clayton, North Korea


Finding a good home in the best localities of North Carolina may seem a daunting task, if only because there are so many good, small communities where they live and the beautiful landscapes of outstanding life homes. Such towns as Clayton, North Carolina – it's just the perfect city and offer something that has to do every good destination for family & # 39; and quality of life in the atmosphere of a small town and great neighbors. The reasons that you should consider Clayton when deciding where to go in the area of ​​release, grow, but I will give you only five.

A few kilometers from the Raleigh and industrial and educational centers Clayton State – a city that has recently started to look powerful for hundreds of thousands of people living in the area. With so many high-paying jobs in the Research Triangle, it is only natural that the average income of households in the region with the & # 39 is quite a decent salary and quality of life is so high.

Home to the constantly evolving Chamber of Commerce and the newly constructed research training area, a joint venture with the county and state NC State University, Clayton quickly transformed from a small town in the developing landscape. Because of the beauty and pristine nature of the surrounding area, developers are taking special care to preserve the charm of a small town.

Sitting in the largest educational sector of North Carolina, Clayton is on successful distance from any number of major universities; schools like Duke, North Carolina and the Cheka at Chapel Hill. Location also makes the public school system, which develop a first-class program is rapidly developing and evolving.

As in any small town, which is growing rapidly, housing costs necessarily grow, but at the moment this is a good a time as any to get on the housing market and pick up one of any number of cost units are well below the national average, in the near future the market will be significantly large.

It's not all housing and industry, although in Clayton. The Area continues to & # 39 is part of the Old South, and the atmosphere corresponds to a respective. Right next to the new business and development in the region are century old memories of fracture century stop for developers. The town, like many towns of its size – is a tribute to the past and future, as well as a great place to live and to live for those who are in central North Carolina.