I like calling North Carolina home

There are so many great reasons to visit or live in North Carolina. It is a beautiful state and has a wide variety of characteristics. Here it is located the mountains and beaches and wonderful towns of the area P & # 39; Repairing between them. North Carolina a & # 39 is home to many universities, colleges, and has such a high-end entertainment, art, culture and history. Here you can find a lot of things to evaluate. In North Carolina, home to Kitty Hawk, where the first plane flew the Wright brothers. The NC is home to several US presidents, such as Andrew Jackson and James K. Polk. Roanoke Island, North Carolina, where Sir Walter release sent several cargoes to create the first English colony in the New World. North Carolina has three different areas, including mountains, hills, P & # 39; Repairing and east coast beaches.

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains – is a magical city Eshevil, where you can explore the colorful desert trail or paddling on crystal clear mountain river. You will discover a unique art, crafts, music and culture, dedicated to this area. Saturate the history, heritage and south charm and hospitality of this extraordinary place. There are incredible attractions such as the Biltmore estate, owned by Vanderbilt, State Chimney Rock Park, Grandfather Mountain and the natural charm and beauty of this region, campgrounds and hiking trails. Try pure rest, driving along the Blue Ridge park and see the amazing mountain scenes, including the gorgeous landscape with towering peaks, lush green valleys and streams of sweet.

In the middle part of the state you will find hills P & # 39; Repairing, including the capital of a great rally and megabankavski Charlotte. Rich in spirit, heritage, culture and high finance, Charlotte grew up in the most attractive city. In Uptown Charlotte city you will find shopping streets and tryonskiya, which at one time was one of the major trading posts used by the Indians. Charlotte served as the basis for the Americans and the British through a good part of the war. The first gold nugget was found here at Reed Gold Mine. Charlotte is a 20 th largest in the country and well for those who are looking for work and the arts, entertainment and culture, offering such sports events like NASCAR on Racing Speedway Lowe and Championship PGA Wachovia. In the center of the city of Charlotte also hosts numerous entertaining festivals throughout the year. The locals are very nice, extremely green trees and the sky is always blue Carolina.

Finally, the coastline of North Carolina includes external shore with amazing opportunities for surfing and beaches, ranging from Nags Head to Ocracoke. Blackbeard, the fearless pirate born in Batse, North Carolina and killed in Akrakoke. Wilmington, North Korea, with the & # 39 is a thriving city with a maritime and tourist industries. Cape Fear River moves the center Vilmingtana, where shops and restaurants are building cobbled streets. Beautiful azaleas bloom every year during the famous festival Vilmingtonskay Azaleas, which brings to the city a lot of tourists, artists and musicians. Wilmington is also known that the impact on the film industry and features such well-known shows like Matlock, Dawson's Creek, and Tree Hill Weekend in Bern. In this beautiful city were removed, and many others. I like to call home from North Carolina!

Financing your new home in North Carolina

Buying a home can be the biggest purchase that a person makes in his life. You can not impulsively buy the first house that catches the eye. There are too many things to consider when buying a home. The first to look for a financing scheme, which would pay for it. Fortunately, if you think you live in NC, you can get the best home financing schemes.

There are many financial institutions that can help you in financing your dream home in the Northern Kingdom. Examples of such institutions with the & # 39 are the local credit unions, mortgage companies, savings institutions and, of course, commercial banks.

Recent years have shown that North Carolina with the & # 39 is one of the most popular States, most American homeowners. Start a new home in North Carolina could be the best investment one can make. Only a few states may compare the beauty of North Carolina. Not only that, North Carolina – is developing rapidly in terms of economic prosperity and population density. The local government of North Carolina also offers excellent lending laws. No wonder why in recent years there has been a massive increase in the purchase of homes in the Carolinas.

North Carolina does offer a competitive price for the houses. If you think back to buy a home, you should consider moving to North Carolina. The atmosphere in contrast to the highly urbanized places such as Los Angeles and New York, where the middle class is banished to live in the suburbs.

On that same dollar amount that you spent in the suburbs of New York, you can use it to buy a great house NC. In addition, the lenders of housing in North Carolina offer tempting rates of financing homes. This is one of the proposals that should not be ignored.

Most homeowners can afford a new home only with their own money saving. Thus, it is necessary to seek help from financial institutions to finance their new home. Simply put, these potential owners to borrow enough money to buy their dream home. This means that financial institutions are buying a house, and home owners pay monthly fees.

These payments are usually fixed for as long as the owner of the house does not resolve to refinance your home. Interest rates depend largely on the tenure of the loan. Of course, longer periods of stay can mean higher interest rates, but you will definitely find a credit institution a credit institution and term finance house, which, of course, working within your budget.

The cost of homes in North Carolina are very Var & # 39; iruetstsa depending on zip codes, but the average price is about 110 thousand US dollars. Usually at home in foreign banks account for an average cost of 375 000 dollars. However, in the release and Charlotte, however, homes are worth less. However, as they say, at home in North Carolina evaluated index less than half of the total in the country.

But the good thing about financing a house in North Carolina is that homeowners are well legally protected from creditors, whose main goal – to take advantage of its borrowers. Every time you think about the financing of expensive homes, the law requires you to attend some form of financial counseling to be familiar with the workings of finance house.

North Carolina State also passed a law against predatory lending activities, which is definitely beneficial for home owners. Penalties for pre-payment also prohibited the financing of homes that are less than one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. The practice of re-refinancing without any obvious benefits for the owner of the house, also known as flipping, is not allowed. Although these credit institutions can really be useful, especially when financing your new home, you also need to learn the basics to be able to take advantage of much lower interest rates and better deals on home financing.

With these financing transactions at home easier to own a home of your dreams in North Carolina. The state offers a great combination of country life and big city lifestyle. It is convenient to the business of business, making each home owner happy. People see this as an advantage in the fact that more and more people began to move, and no one seems to want to move.

So if you are looking for residential places in the mountains, or perhaps along the coastal areas in North Carolina is the house for you. Why not start to explore some form of financing at home so you can start living in a new home and start living a happier outlook?

Raleigh, North Carolina – one of the best cities to buy real estate

Have you ever thought to buy a home or invest in real estate? Like most people, you may postpone the purchase of real estate, because you are weak economy, waiting for the stimulus package or hear negative press.

Well, now is a good time to buy, and the housing market in the area of ​​release works well.

According to recent Builder magazine article, Raleigh, North Korea, was among six healthy housing markets in the United States in 2009. This is not surprising. Neighborhood release-Durham consistently ranked in the US top 10 best cities for living and a & # 39 is a popular choice for the relocation of seven & # 39; ads.

According to an article in the magazine Builder, they analyzed 75 of the best housing markets in the country. The article examines trends in population, job growth, housing prices and the number of building permits for the determination of the leading markets. The article notes that the total for healthy housing markets, including proximity to the ocean, the mountains and the major universities and there is no significant increase in housing prices. Neighborhood release has all these attractive qualities, as well as the four seasons, a comfortable climate, affordable cost of living, Research Triangle Park (RTP), and more.

The US Census Bureau announced the release area Kari one of the fastest-growing metro areas in the period from 2007 to 2008. From July 2007 to July 2008 in the Raleigh metro area was an increase in population of 4.8 per cent, and most of them have not yet purchased the house. In addition, Forbes recently ranked the rally as a number one city in the United States on the growth of jobs.

Triangle housing market is more stable and sustainable than the rest of the country. The houses here are not depreciated. According to the report "Residential property" triangles ( "TARR"), a house in the triangle give 2 to 4 percent. American homes, on average depreciated by 8.2 percent.

Many homes are sold at the highest price in a short period of time. For example, a recent search for single North North Raleigh family homes on the MLS in the range of $ 275K to $ 325K yielded only 73 homes on the market with a median of 54 days on the market. It can not be regarded as superfluous in our market. This is also from the & # 39 is an indication of why the majority of our markets appreciated during the last 12 months, not depreciated, like most nations.

However, if you are patient, you can find a deal, not to steal. Most of what is on the market for some time now been on the market, mainly because the original request the price was too high. They begin to fall in price.

Interest rates are the lowest they have been for 37 years. If you wait, thinking that you can get a lower price on the house, you may lose in the long run, if rates will rise. Whatever it was, the savings in the sales price, you may receive will peraveshana higher interest rate, composed by 30-year loan.

If the market starts to move into the market vendors, it will happen quickly. Aktsyony with proper price and are in excellent condition and will be sold at once when placed on the market.

Now is a good time to start shopping for a home. Talk to a real estate agent about the available lists in the release. Contact your mortgage broker to take advantage of low rates.

Life and property in Lar Lake, North Carolina

Resting in the middle of the gorge Hickory Nut in Rutherford County Lake Lure, North Carolina – a great place to visit. As the name implies, is the lake in the lake with Lar & # 39 is the biggest attraction in the lakes, and the lake property. Lake Lure even mentioned in National Geographic as one of the most beautiful places to live.

All kinds of activities are available at Lake fixture. These activities include rock climbing, golf, swimming, canoeing, fishing, boating and water skiing.

While Lake Accommodation North Carolina is known for beautiful scenery, active entertainment and real estate, it is perhaps best known in the country as a place in real life, the film 1980 "Dirty Dancing".

Not far from Lake Lure is beautiful Rock Park Tube – well-known in the film world as a location for the filming of "The Last of the Mohicans."

Lake Lure powered lovely river rocky Whack – named for its dramatic line of huge boulders, which are building the shore. This river forms a spectacular gorge Rocky River, which can be seen in all its glory on the top of the chimney.

With a population of just over 1,000 residents, Lake Lure was conceived in the early 1900s, the family & # 39; s Morse. They bought hundreds of acres, built a dam and formed a municipal energy company Carolina. While they have lost land and platinum redemption during the Great Depression, the plant continued to provide electricity and continues to this day. Supply of electricity is second only to ensure that the water level remains at an acceptable level for households owners.

Lake house tools – a tempting offer for home buyers. With so many things to do in the area and near proximity to places like Asheville, people can relax in the desert and still enjoy the benefits of which are close to the more metropolitan attractions and day trips. Conversely, many residents Asheville and surrounding communities have purchased luxury homes and properties of lakes device to quickly stay and relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The actual city of Lake Accommodation is just over 13 square miles, at an altitude of just over 1,100 feet, and includes the lake and its many fingers and fills a journey through the city. Weather & # 39; e is usually mild, because it is in thermal belt of mountains and peradgor & # 39; pits of western North Carolina. At an altitude of just over 1,100 feet, there are plenty of hikes to be close to the peaks over 3000 feet!

In general, the lake Accommodation – nice and pleasant place to relax, live, work and play. With a small town feel and friendly atmosphere, real estate, camping and daily life – all these attractive offers for outdoor fans. With homes in various price ranges and locations, you can feel the mountain lifestyle of western North Carolina for any budget and style.

In Cape Hateras, North Carolina, akarantychnyya shutters – is essential, not a luxury

Cape Hateras located on the coast of North Carolina and a & # 39 is one of the most dangerous areas for swimming in the world. It's part of the Outer Banks, as well as the dangerous waters and plenty of storms that strikes at this place, with the & # 39 are the cause of the fact that there do not swim. So many ships have been lost near Cape Hateras that this area is known as the Atlantic Cemetery. It is also notorious that frequently affected by hurricanes that move up the east coast.

One of the worst occurred in 2003, when Hurricane Isabel erupted island Hateras and actually created a new entrance. Uvahodnik there has been washed, and Hurricane Isabel ripped a new one. It took two months to a new inlet portion was filled with sand, and life on the island has come back to normal. All roads, power lines and water supply systems were damaged, and the residents had to wait for the repair of the original input, before they were able to fix any of them.

Due to the fact that the Cape Hateras so vulnerable to storms, if you live there permanently or have a vacation home in the area, with hurricane shutters & # 39 are required. Because the terrain is so often falls into the tropical storms, the error is the lack of them at home. Hurricane shutters to protect your home in many ways – they protect you from the strong wind, the pressure changes during a hurricane that can break your home and from missile strikes.

Most of the damage to your home during a thunderstorm occurs when windows or doors are broken, and the rain and the wind driving permit freedom. Hurricane shutters are tested to prevent it, and easily provide fast, when there is a thunderstorm. If storms are inevitable, permanent hurricane shutters can be closed in a few minutes, and that's important in a region where a thunderstorm so often fall.

There are many types of shutters to choose from. Some of the most popular:

Blinds – a comfortable, motorized shutters that close at the touch of a button. They also have the opportunity to hand so that you can open or close them in the event of a power outage.

Shutters on the harmonica – shutters that open accordion and gently fold near the edges of the windows when they are not used.

Colonial shutters – Southern blinds, which are in two parts; they come together and are fixed in the middle. Very popular in the south, and very attractive.

Bahama shutters – shutters with island flavor, popular in Florida and other tropical and subtropical regions. They are hanged and attached to the top of the window, which allows them to pull the shade when not in use.

No matter which gate you choose, if you live on the Cape Hateras, they & # 39 are a necessary requirement for your home. The area is vulnerable to many hurricanes and tropical storms every year. Protect your home and something & # 39; nd and install hurricane shutters today.

of North Carolina Lemon Law

The Law on the lemon in North Carolina (also known as the law on guarantees of new road transport) applies to all new cars sold in the state that have less than 10,000 pounds. The law covers vehicles that are either purchased or rented.

According to the legislation of the lemon in North Carolina, when a car has a serious & # 39; serious defect that prevents it comply with the guarantees and the customer reports a problem for the express warranty period, the manufacturer is obliged to fix the discrepancy. Sur & # 39; oznaya mismatch – is the one that significantly affect the use, value or safety of the vehicle. If the manufacturer is unable to fix nesanktsyyanavanasts after a reasonable number of attempts, the car needs to buy or replace the opinion of the consumer. Presumably, the manufacturer had a reasonable chance to fix the discrepancy after 4 failed attempts to fix the same disparity, or 20 working days if the vehicle has been removed from service for repair of one or a number of non-compliance.

To this presumption acted, the consumer must inform the manufacturer in writing of the defect is and give the producer not later than 15 days for repairs. The consumer should also be reported to the manufacturer written notice of intention to file a claim in accordance with the legislation of the lemon of North Carolina for at least 10 days before submitting the application.

The manufacturer accepts no liability if the violation was caused by the demands of the consumer abuse, misuse or forgery of a change from the consumer. In addition, the defect should become apparent within the first 24 months or 24,000 miles.

Before you file a claim on the law of the lemon in North Carolina in the judicial system, the consumer should try to resolve the problem with the production village council manufacturer, if any, and if a board-certified and the process of the lemon law information was included with the guarantee at the time of sale .

If the vehicle is purchased by the consumer, bought by the manufacturer in accordance with the legislation of the lemon of North Carolina, the manufacturer has to pay the full price of buying a car, including a fee for service contracts and warranties, the preparation and delivery of dealer installed options, taxes, tag and registration, financial charges which arose after the consumer first reported of non-compliance and any costs that were a direct consequence of non-compliance.

The manufacturer has the right to a reasonable offset for the car user. The shift is calculated by dividing the number of miles traversed by the consumer at 100 000 and multiplying the result by the purchase price.

If the leased vehicle will be purchased under the laws of North Carolina lemon, lessee (user) will receive an amount which includes all payments made for leasing, including tax, tag, registration and other state fees paid in obtaining the lease and any costs. which was a direct consequence of non-compliance. Of this total, as calculated above, is subtracted smart shift for vehicle use.

If the vehicle is replaced in accordance with the laws of the North Carolina lemon, it must be replaced relatively new car, similar to the original. It can not be applied offset use.

Insurance options during pregnancy and pregnancy in North Carolina

If you are pregnant, your options in order of desirability from the & # 39 are Medicaid, group insurance and prepaid plans. After pregnancy, to issue individual policies impossible. The application will automatically be rejected. If you are planning a pregnancy, the best option to minimize the costs of maternity leave will be Medicaid, group insurance, individual insurance Blue Cross Blue Shield, prepaid plans in order to reduce the desirability.

The average amount of maternity payments filed with Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina in 2007 was $ 20.015 during pregnancy 1. The patient may be required to pay the full amount, but many of the seven & # 39; and negotiate with hospitals and providers to pay reduced I bet if the only option. This pay out of pocket.

When planning for the costs of delivery in North Carolina, there are four main options:

1. Group covering maternity insurance. Often it is the most profitable way to pay the costs of pregnancy and childbirth, as many group policies cover maternity for all women, who are not involved in politics, without an additional rider. In addition, if you are already pregnant, and do not qualify for Medicaid income, is your best choice if your pregnancy is covered by the insurance company. In addition, some group policies do not consider pregnancy a pre-existing condition, so it is a good option to consider if you are already pregnant.

After the payments were transferred to the insurance company, it is necessary to ask the hospital if you can get a discount by paying a deductible in full & # 39; volume, and not make the payments in time. I know of cases where the franchise was reduced for prompt payment in full & # 39; volume.

2. Individual maternity insurance coverage with Blue Cross Blue Cross. At the time of writing this message, I only know of one health insurance company in North Carolina that offers coverage for maternity. The company Blue Cross Blue Shield, and politicians – Blue Advantage® and Blue Options HSA sm. I do not know of an individual health insurance policy that covers you when you are already pregnant. HumanaOne previously offered individual parent policy, but has since stopped her. In general, I am skeptical about the small medical insurance companies, if you can even find one that offers maternity, because they often have a tight budget, and as a result of their policies often contain poor gap.

Individual policy Blue Cross Blue Shield is somewhat similar to a prepaid plan through the hospital, because of the addition of driver's premiums are quite significant for pregnancy. However, the benefit of this policy is that, in the case of pregnancy, which involves complications, your costs are much more predictable. Pregnancy complications are often much more expensive than normal delivery, so this option is more desirable than a straight prepayment.

Maternity Plan Blue Cross Blue Shield uses a computer and a joint insurance plan to which it is attached, so it is important to assess the different prices of motorcyclists in the context of franchise and each insurance plan. For example, suppose that in the maternal drive plan was $ 350 per month. For example, in this regard, $ 2,500 is provided with 100% insurance. Now the total cost of pregnancy within one year is $ 350 times 12 months = US $ 4,200 + $ 2,500 = $ 6,700 deductible per pregnancy. Let's assume that in the background a woman in travail planned $ 450 per month. For example, in this regard, provides for payment of $ 1,500 with a 100% insurance. Pregnancy will now cost 450 times 12 months = $ 5,500 + $ 1,500 deductible = 6900. In this hypothetical scenario, the first option is better, even though the franchise above. The purpose of this example with a & # 39 prailyustravanne is important to pay attention to how much it costs to reduce the franchise.

With the help of maternity plan Blue Cross Blue Shield is also important to plan pregnancy. Individual franchise reset each January 1, therefore it is better to start at the beginning of the year a woman in travail, and start trying to get pregnant. Otherwise, pregnancy override the calendar year, and you may have to meet with their franchise than once.

3. Medical coverage of pregnancy. Visit the website of the State of NC Medicaid, to find out about the current income requirements.

4. Prepaid Plans. I you are already pregnant, pre-payment plan as a last resort. In this case you need to refer to the pre-natal and delivery to match the rate of prepayment. Many hospitals offer discounts on advance payment of an advance. When negotiating prepaid important to be very specific as to what is agreed upon and if the price includes pregnancy complications or just a normal delivery.


In general, from a financial point of view, Medicaid, usually from 39 & # is the least expensive one, followed by a group insurance. Individual motherhood with Blue Cross Blue Shield of & # 39 is the third most desirable as a measure to minimize the cost of unexpected pregnancy complications. The fourth option – pre-payment plan agreed directly with the supplier.

1. The average payment provided Blue NC Blue Blue Shield for services for pregnancy and maternity hospital in 2007. Your fees may vary.

National Exhibition of North Carolina is full of southern flavors

You will find the state of North Carolina Fair every October in Raleigh, North Carolina. This ten-day event with a lot of diversity, regardless of whether you prefer the games, rides, free entertainment, fireworks, carnival food, or just like to look at cute animals that are brought. If you are coming to visit the Fairs you find two hotels that are within walking distance of the fair grounds, the Ramada Inn and Comfort Suites. However, both of these hotels are replenished quickly, so you may want to make reservations in advance.

Food at the fair consists of a mixture of fancy flavors and southern comfort. You will not only find Carolina BBQ and fried catfish, but you will ruin your diet without sugar snacks fried barons. So, the whole candy frozen, dropped in batter and fried until golden good. At the fairgrounds there is also room for the cinnamon rolls, which is rumored to be at the fair have the best cinnamon rolls and hot coffee.

If you love racing, come check out the Agricultural Circle C Racing Sigs few times a day on the highway Hogvey can watch the racing pigs, ducks wool and goat kids, guides around the race track.

Esteryer village is very popular among festivals. Usually there are more than 75 exhibits showcasing the activities of the past. Craftsmen not only demonstrate exquisite quilts, handicrafts and leather goods, they sell to interested bazaars. Come see how artists vavnu twist into yarn, weave the thread into the fabric and make this fabric into useful items. There is also some pottery Native products from beads and thread.

Folk music – a big hit at the fair and festival of folk art – it is a competition, which takes place throughout the fair. Musicians from all over come to the festival to compete for Lamar Basket Lunsfard Trophy. The award is given to individuals who best represent the musical heritage of North Carolina. At this event you will find bluegrass, dance flat and even killed.

While at the fair do not forget to check the free fireworks every night. Your child may feel still, if you do not perabyaretsesya in Kiddieland amusement park or stop and communicate with mobile robots that roam the fair.

Pirate Base East Carolina fans serve as a model for the fans of college football


In 1999, Hurricane Floyd ripped eastern North Carolina, leaving behind a path of destruction and misery. Hurricane Floyd was named the worst natural disaster ever to hit North Carolina. Lives were lost, seven & # 39; and grew, and towns were left to deal with the devastation once in 500 years.

One of the eastern cities of North Carolina, which is particularly affected by Hurricane Floyd was Grynvil, North Carolina. Grynvil with & # 39 home to East Carolina University and its 26,000 student population. East Carolina University is a vital economic and cultural engine of the region and its inhabitants. Football with East Carolina also has a vital importance for the region, as it provides both financial and emotional incentive for those who live in eastern North Carolina.

And university and football team dealt a significant blow immediately after the storm. Flooding from Hurricane Floyd was so serious & # 39; oznay, for example, in Grynvile that made ECU stop training for almost two weeks. The damage also prevented the team "Pirate Soccer" to return home after visiting the game the previous week, in which they play the game and beat USC Gamecocks in Columbia, South Carolina.

The Pirates, who were to play in the room 9 Miami Hurricanes in Grynvile the following weekend, had to move the game to the stadium Carter Fine in the state of NC Rally (two hours drive from the Greenwich Mean Time), which is North Carolina Vovkpak.

September 25, 1999 46 000 thousand people, the majority of which were ECU fans, packed up Carter Finely Stadium and watched one of the most important football games in the history of East Carolina. Many of the fans in attendance that night, lost their homes, personal belongings and means of income because of the devastating storm. Fans who traveled to Raleigh to see the game the pirates seemed witnessed more than a football game, they also traveled to find a glimmer of hope. Time and time ECU beat teams that they should not beat, and now, more than ever, believers ECU Pirate Football needed to create a special form of magic on the grid. Magic, which could overcome the difficulties that they have experienced, at least for a few hours this Saturday evening September turned into something more positive than in the last day.

Those who attended the game at release, and those who watched it on TV, gave their allegiance improbable 27-23, come from behind victory Pirate. More than a simple victory over 9th place in Miami, but the game also gave fans a Pirate promise in the future. Promise to residents east of North Carolina, in the case where the ECU football can come out of chance and get out of the chaos of Hurricane Floyd as winners, they could also. ECU victory over the "Hurricane" in Miami (Hollywood could not have written a better script) symbolized for the broken people of Eastern North Carolina that the restructuring of their lives because of the terrible destruction Floyd could and would be made.

ECU victory over Miami, also delivered a call for a very long two weeks in the area and ended with one of North Carolina's browser called "ECU & Gipper Game". In fact, however, the East Carolina football most of his life in the Gipper won games. Pirates have learned in the early stages, they are able to compete at the highest level of collegiate football, even if they are constantly struggling with financial constraints and are gaining at a level that gives commands in their hearts, that they often struggle.

FOOTBALL – more than football in ECU

With almost mystical experience ECU supporters pirate football after mathematics Floyd hurricane and history ECU football, which plays the role of David to someone Elsa Goliath (and won a good share of these battles), you could write that football in ECU – is not just football. While it is true in many schools, it appears that between ECU football or region has simbiotychnyya relationship that is difficult to formulate, but sensitive and no less. Relations that permeate not only in the eastern part of the state, but also in the fact that consistently captures the imagination and loyalty of the student body and alumni.

If, for example, the students fall in the ECU, they quickly sink into the transcendent, as a story about the team and asked to be part of history themselves participating in ECU narrative. A strong bond is created between the team and the community, it can be seen in the attendance of football games. (On average, slightly more than 44,000, slightly less than 50,000 in a few years, and the second place in the band of 5 rear of Beau), and in fact, East Carolina announces the largest student booster club in the country with 10,000 members.


At the moment, two of the greatest obstacles facing trade with 5 schools – is the monetary constraints and the lack of excitement with the brand. Gangs of 5 schools are constantly being asked to do more for less money, and most of them are asked to do more than less supporters than they would like.

Although the ECU faces many of the same financial problems as the rest of the gang from 5 schools, he does not share the traffic type (clear that attendance can always improve in most schools) and the problems of the supporters of apathy that most bands with 5 currently meeting .

In addition to the more emotional aspects of loyalty to brands among ECU supporters, there are some specific steps that East Carolina beginning in the last 40 years that have put the school at the top of the pyramid fan G Five.

Steps that begin with the attachment to victory, starting with school-Chancellor and reduced everything, what to believe and what the university is committed.

More than anything else, however, the football team gave fans a strong history of ECU. Instead ECU fans gave the team and school loyalty and trust. In the midst of this important process, East Carolina has created a sports organization, which G5 many schools are hoping to emulate one day themselves. Stay tuned.

Unique ceramic design from Western North Carolina

Pottery – one of the most prolific crafts Eshevile, North Korea, and the western part of the mountains in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The artistic community, the abundance of raw materials and craft traditions attract artists to the area. Birdfoot Ridge studio with northern city produces a wide range of pottery from utensils to hand painted to the Zen collection. Here are some more unique designs that we've seen in the area of ​​Asheville:

Brie Baker – a small round piece with small handles contains 5-6 "wheel of brie and bake right in the saucepan It proposes to add a few Jack Daniels, brown sugar and sliced ​​almonds before baking in the oven 350 degrees for about 10 minutes Serve directly in a pot,. possibly accompanied by another clippers Jack.

Grater for garlic – a small flared dish with high edges, nose and rough, textured bottom. Take the whole garlic cloves and rub them on the bottom of the dish, grate, add a little olive oil and herbs for pomachivaniya. Or dip straight from the pot or pour it into another dish. Why not save a dish for the sake of something else?

Pillow-pot – that's the pot-shaped cushion with three holes in the top for inserting flowers. If necessary, it contains water and adds a nice touch to your table setting. It includes different colors, some with pictures manually.

Baking bread – good thick ceramic tableware is perfect for baking. He is a very good conductor of heat and holds, so clay ovens bake the best pizza. This bakery produces nice crust on top and a soft bottom. From this clay hlebapyakarkay you can get up and bake their own bread and serve in the same pot.

Egg Scrambler – a small dish that you rubbed oil Spreads eggs and refuel their spices and any creative additions. Microwave for 30-45 seconds and then you go. Great for bachelor. Who knew that you can microwave eggs?

Vase with flower arrangement

Birdfoot Ridge Studio also creates a collection of Zen, which includes a variety of vases in the style of ikebana, bamboo lamps and water features.

Ikebana – a Japanese style of flower arrangement, which focuses on clean lines and simple forms, rather than the traditional bouquet of flowers that we see in conventional western compositions. In the style of ikebana structure of the building that holds the plant has as much emphasis as there are colors, so choose carefully your vase.

It's fresh, minimalist effect on flower arrangement, and it is nice to allow your imagination to each location. On the way to work less, ikebana arrangement takes focus and keeps you in the present moment as a meditation. For ikebana arrangements can be used practically all: experiment with flowers, grass and leaves.

Vase with flower arrangement from the ridge Birdfood have a minimalist, dark glaze and design inspired by nature. They var & # 39; iruyutstsa from simple arrangers to large pieces that can be used as a lamp oil or hold water for the flowers.

Lee Davis of Birdfoot Ridge studio is engaged in manufacturing crafts Eshevile for over 30 years and has taught two generations of potters. His work can be seen at the fair Craft Fairland, which takes place twice a year in spring and autumn, or in local galleries in downtown Asheville, North Carolina. He also participates in a studio tour in Weaverville, NC, which opens his studio to the public.