About Corncribs and unpainted aristocracy: modern architecture in North Carolina

You can discuss the current state of architecture in North Carolina, referring to the geological events that took place between 150 and 200 million years ago, large geological rise, known as the Cape Fear Arch, he pushed what is now North Carolina up to several hundred feet. Arch also raised the seafloor that was once associated with South America, and the waves caused by this change have created the Outer Banks, the chain bar & # 39; ernyh islands that are farther from the beach than in any other part of the Atlantic sea. As a result, North Carolina has a small river and only one major harbor in the river mouth of the Cape Fehr, who made the treacherous sea coast. Changing shifts caused by the arch of Cape Fear, which continues to rise, remove the topsoil, giving North Carolina poorer soils than in the surrounding regions. The absence of rivers for transport, inaccessible harbors and poor soils meant that the earliest settlements in North Carolina were modest. Throughout most of its history, North Carolina has been a country of small landowners, its population is scattered over a wide landscape.

Despite the fact that we are the 10th largest state in our country, our common settlement scheme continues to this day. And this acceleration has created among North Carolina spirit of independence, which is a & # 39 is individualistic, self-sufficient, resourceful and proud. If we have less wealth, we will be less gets up. The long history of residence may give rise to separate people who are attentive to their neighbors, the faithful and sometimes prevail. I believe that all of these qualities can be found not only in the past but in the present North Carolina architecture.

Today, the urban crescent length of nearly 200 miles directs Arch Cape Fear along Interstate 85 from Charlotte to Raleigh, urban farms, like a banana, where, tell you every proud Carolinian, each table has a chardonnay, NPR's in every car, and enough digital progress to make, if not Silicon valley, a silicon P & # 39; Repairing. Parallel to this band width of about eight miles, is the older North Carolina, quieter place to relax in the countryside thousands of small frame houses, garden and barn. In these places you can see the architecture of a simple life, made by hard-working people, who are not averse to wealth, but the wealth is not satisfied. I believe that there is a rare beauty, depicted in the paintings of Sarah Blacks, Francis Speight, Maud Gatewood and Gregory Ivy, as well as the photographs Bayard Vutena.

The variety of plant and animal life in North Carolina – another legacy of the Cape to Cape Fear. Six completely distinct ecological zones cover the state, from the coast to subtrapikav prakanadskaga climate of the highest mountains east of the Mississippi. Today, our architectural trend towards uniformity in this tapestry of plants and climate, but it was not always so. In such a degree that seems distinctive currently, North Carolina early settlement scheme tells a human story about ordinary buildings close to the ground, the same variety as the tops of the mountains and the coastal plain, on which they stand.

The first buildings in North Carolina were resistant to its roots: built of local materials, built in the landscape, oriented to the sun and the breeze. They made the Indians, not the Europeans in the eastern part of our state. In 1585 the English explorer and artist John White gave them the figures that reflect the native people vacationing in nature. For over three hundred years, this local adaptation of the scheme would be maintained in the state.

For example, in the mountains of farmers built their houses on sheltered slopes, facing south, near the source or stream. In the summer they planted beans and morning glory, to shield their under & # 39; drive. Their houses were raised on stone piers, to level the slope and allow the wall beneath the water. Crops and animals that they raised, Var & # 39; Irawan from mountain valley to the bottom of the river, depending on how steep was the earth and the sun going down on the ridge. Their barns for the same reasons Var & # 39; Irawan from one valley to another.

Hills P & # 39; Repairing in North Carolina – it is to smoke tobacco barns built for drying what has been more than two hundred years the dominant crop of the state. Sixteen to twenty-four feet, and usually the same height, they were sized to accommodate racks of tobacco leaves are hung inside to dry up in the heat, which can reach 180 ° F. The closed gable gable roof, these modest barns remind me of Greek temples. Their legions inhabit the landscape, but not two of the same, because the farmers are changed every standard barn with canopy microclimate under their land. To know where to build a shed in the tobacco barn, the farmer had to know where the sun rises and sets, where there is a good wind from the outside is bad & # 39; s and when it comes. He designed his house just as carefully as the life of his children depended on his knowledge. Philosopher Wendell Berry wrote that such attention is the hope of the world. Ordinary people who had no idea were the architects designed and built these unusual barns and farmhouses throughout North Carolina. Their builders anonymous, but they embody the wisdom of future generations.

No less amazing group of cave houses in Nags Head on the upper side, too, was based on instincts to the point – no for agriculture, and for the summer on the beach. Nags Head cottages date back to the era of 1910-1940 years, and nearly a hundred years were the first spectacular storms coming in from the Atlantic. Although it is made of wood, their builders made them strong enough to withstand the danger, but at the same time light enough to meet the sun and the wind, lifting each cottage on wooden stilts to avoid flooding and to provide a view of the ocean. Porch with their eastern and southern sides of the porch guaranteed dry out at any & # 39; e, but on the north side was not under the & # 39; porches, where & # 39; e coast. Dressed in juniper shingles, which has stood since they were built, Nags Head cottages have been named by the former editor of the News & Observer Jonathan Daniels as "unpainted aristocracy." Today they seem to be his birthplace as sand dunes.

Mountain lodges, wilderness P & # 39; Repairing and ocean cottages suggest that there is a basic, straightforward way of building that is open to yourself, open up the majority of no-architects, designers do not. I see this a design ethic in corn cribs and textile factories, barns and peanuts in how early settlers have made a log cabin. These structures are the architecture, what words of poetry. I see this ethic in the way the farmer saves corn, because corn hook simple and quieter than most of the things that we are building today, but no less true because of its simplicity.

I think that the same ethic is present in the minds of people who want to buildings today because they are manifested in the structures, unencumbered style, fashion, advertising and commissions on advertising. In countless bridges DOT, elevators, soybean and mechanics workshops across North Carolina, I feel a practical mood of this state.

Good construction was demanded in North Carolina in the years after World War II, when the state struggled to become a leader of the progressive New South. Director of the State Fair in Raleigh, Dr. George. S. dortan, wanted to build a new pavilion for the cattle that will make the "NC State Fair with the most modern plant in the world." Its architect was Matthew Nowicki, a young Polish architect of genius, who arrived in North Carolina in 1948 to teach at the newly founded School of Design at North Carolina State College.

Extremely talented, but foreign, Nowicki was unpretentious and practical relation to the construction and customers. He needed him, because he offered to throw two large concrete arch in the sky, to consolidate them at an angle to the ground and tighten the roof thickness of three inches on steel cables between the arches, creating what has been one of the most effective spans of the roof were never made. No matter how it looked, the practical effectiveness of Dorton Arena was the meaning of his chewing tobacco, rural children as a tobacco barn or Tractor John Deere. When he was finished, "News & Observer" said it was "a great architectural wonder that seems to be cemented sky." He remains today the most famous building in North Carolina out of state.

At the same time, if the Dorton Arena rising young architect George Matsumoto came to North Carolina from his native California to pursue architecture and teach at the School of Design. Matsumoto has quickly established itself as one of the most gifted talents of designer baby boomers. Early buildings were modest houses Matsumoto for small business owners and senior lecturers. Working with landscape architect Gilam Thurlow, Matsumoto placed their buildings to improve the landscape, merging with the elegant area. he often used deciduous trees to shade the building in the summer and allow the sun to warm them in winter. Usually it is at home were aimed at capturing the prevailing summer breezes and shelter its inhabitants from the winter wind.

Matsumoto understanding of technology and craft construction covered wood, steel, stone and brick. Its building Gregory Poole equipment in release (1956), it was a logical and well-constructed structure opposes housing embrittlement of steel and glass with massive caterpillars D8, shown inside. Although modern buildings are modern, Matsumoto was seen from the fact that his projects were directly corn cribs: they were perceived as a useful and practical.

In 1962, Harwell Harris Hamiltan moved to release, to practice and to teach at the School of Design. Harris, like Matsumoto, was a native of California, is known for his residential architecture. Perhaps his best building in North Carolina was the Presbyterian Church of St Giles' Cathedral, built from 1967 to 1988. Harris assured the building committee of the church to create something & # 39; nd of undersized, gantavanyh wooden buildings around a pine grove. "Did you hear that someone had a revelation in the room?" – he asked. The buildings have a wide & # 39; drive and deep eaves, contributing to a tram and contemplation outdoors. St. Giles unmistakably modern, and it has brought California to the wind pine slope Carolina, but it is also consistent with the old native tradition of building close to the ground.

Although all three architects of the 20th century were non-native, you will notice a common thread that bound them to the customers faith in a practical architecture, without the ingenuity and wealth, which was as simple as confident. In 1952, Harris wrote that "the most important resources of the region with the & # 39 are free his mind, his imagination, the share in the future, his energy and, above all, climate, topography and specific types of sticks and stones, which he has. build with. "His words could describe the farmers who smoked cigars, which approved the Dorton Arena, smallholders living in homes designed by George Matsumoto, deacons Presbyterian church of St. Zhylsa, and generations of anonymous barn builders and suburban residents who preceded them .

My reference to the old building in North Carolina does not mean that we should go back to the creation of such property. Rather, it illustrates how the accumulated wisdom of our past can give us the opportunity to build in the present. In the words of an English architect of art WR Lethaby: "No art that takes a person deeply, do not cost a lot – it must be a thousand people deeper We can not forget the knowledge of its historical origins, and we would not want him to forget.", Even if we could. "

In the future, our society will be judged by how we build today. Perhaps the most important issue that confronts architecture today, with & # 39 is stable. What is the best way to build a balance with this particular place? Balanced architecture rises from the ground on which it is based, from the hills, streams, weather & # 39; I and its people, their connections, ideas, and feces in the future. Today we have the opportunity to return to North Carolina, the former balance with nature. And if we do this, we must remember that we do not coincide with the ground: the rock on which we live, was once part of South America, the wind that blows on our fields, originated in the tropics, and rain that washes over us, It comes to a large extent. from the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. The forces that shape our buildings, much older building.

Tourist Guide to North Carolina's outer banks

1. Introduction

Distant and removed a thin strip of interconnected bar & # 39; ernyh islands stretching some 130 miles along the coast of North Carolina and forms the outer banks, rather, with the & # 39 are part of the Atlantic than the continent to which they attach a bridge, bridges and ferries . Islands and sand dunes which are watered and flowing sometimes evil winds, similar to a boat, which seek, they serve as a threshold to North America – or at the end of it – depending on the direction of travel.

A trip here, a certain dry or lack thereof, may result in sailing, fishing, kayaking, water skiing, paragliding, deltaplanavanne, kite-surfing, climbing, dolphin watching and surfing on the sand. Most of all, however, it is a first – the first English colonists who leave footprints in the sand, the first aviators who leave footprints in the sand, when they defeated the flight, and the sea and the dunes, and the wind that made it possible.

2. From the mountains to the shores

Although the flat, marshy islands and slit outer coast could not be more opposed vzvyshaemym Appalachia, rising in the west, it is from these peaks they passed and turned into their third gear.

Rivers, which constitute the totality of the rain water running down from the east they dramatically with falling edge of the second or lower topographical features of R & # 39; Repairing. Outside the coastal currents, which can then act and lyapyats as clay, their precipitate which is removed from the origin of this mountain of 25,000 years ago, creating a bar & # 39; ernyya island and its water beaches, rapids.

Since the flow is not only static, unchanging their forces continue to change and to change the island masterpieces, as they are immutable peraroblennyu hands of wind and water. This dynamic with & # 39; & # reality with 39 is very important for their protective nature, as they guard a permanent mainland, and as shock absorbers, they often find the brunt of hurricanes and other severe weather systems.

These sounds are created and defined the forces of nature, form the second largest system in the United States after esturynav Chesapik Bay, occupies nearly 3,000 square miles and drains 30,000 square miles of water.

"The thin, broken string of islands", according to the National Park Service, "is bent into the Atlantic and back again in a shelter embrace the continental coast of North Carolina and the islands of the sea."

3. Access and Orientation

External banks are made up of North Beach, with cities such as Kitty Hawk, Murder D & # 39; Devil Hills and Nags Heads; Roanoke Island; and Cape Hateras consisting of the islands of Bodie, Hateras and Akrakok.

Scheduled airline services are provided at the airports, and release Norfolk-Durham, respectively located in Virginia and North Carolina, and the charter fight are in the regional county airport Deir at Roanoke Island. Private jet air service serving the first flight on the territory of Kill Devil Hills and Billy Mitchell Airport on the island of Hateras.

On the way, External Bank serves 158 US dollars, and the Wright Memorial from the north and US 64 over 5.2 mi Memorial Bridge Virginia Dore, Roanoke Island, Nags head-Mothe Kausuey and Bridge Washington Baum from the west. From the north, the route leads to a four-lane artery 158 US dollars and passes the island 16.5 miles, access to shops, retail outlets, restaurants and attractions. Narrower Dvuhugolnoe NC 12, which is also known as the "Beach Road", maintains residential communities, hotels and restaurants, often with views of the Atlantic. The same road is moving around the island, and after additional Hateras go to the island Akrakok.

4. Kitty Hawk

In spite of the consensus and the books of aviation history on the contrary, not Kitty Hawk was the site of the first successful flight in the world, although the Wright brothers remained in the village. Instead, a historic event took place about four miles to the south of it, in the city of Kill Devil Hills. Nevertheless, there are still welcome center in aeronautics, offering brochures and information about planning trips to area attractions, restaurants, entertainment, shops and hotels.

A memorial monument to the century of flight, it was created by Icarus International and dedicated to November 8, 2003, in the centenary of the power of flight, to celebrate the history, beauty and mysteries of flight and the rise of the human spirit. Mounted against the open sky Kitty Hawk to create contemplative environment monument itself consists of 14 stainless steel pylons in the form of wings which rise from ten feet to 20 feet in orbit 120 to reflect the distance the Wright brothers & # 39; first flight December 17, 1903 and represented a man who stood up to the sky and space.

"Humanity – a continuum of pioneers", said the monument, "sharing the eternal dream and limitless possibilities of huge unexplored worlds."

On the black granite panels engraved with the 100 most important aviation achievements of the last century, and in the center of the dome with a diameter of six feet reflects the continents of the earth, and the words "If Orville rose from the sands of Kitty Hawk at 10: 35 am the morning of December 17, 1903, we have already gone to the Moon and beyond. "

5. Kill d & # 39; yabalskiya hills

Of course, Kill Devil Hills – this is the place for the first time in the world that is controlled, operated and continues and the Wright Brothers National Memorial, apparently from 158 US pays tribute to him.

Although the Wrights were raised in Dayton, Ohio, they spent all the early experiments without aircraft (airframe) and Power (aircraft) flight in North Carolina because they offered the highest dunes to run the legs, a strong wind to build elevators with a minimum ground speed, soft sand to land without wheels, the minimum damage and isolation from the media and spectators.

According to museum visitors, sports exhibits in 1907 a museum, glider in 1902 and reproduction Wright Flyer of 1903 conversations and programs of the national park, as well as the book / gift shop, the brothers were inspired by and based on their design on aerodynamic principles down four early pioneers: sir George Cayley (1773-1857), who created the very foundation of aerodynamics; Alphonse fines (1850-1880), which is constructed with elastic planafonav model flying 131 feet thereon; Lilienthal (1848-1896), who conducted extensive experiments on the gliders; and Octave Chanute (1832-1910), who became virtual raschyshchalnym hub for all development related to aviation, and published them in the book "Progress of flying machines". The Wright Brothers & # 39; Biplanavy aircraft, in fact, was its own virtual copy.

According to the museum, a memorial to the & # 39 is the birthplace of aviation. "December 17, 1903 Wilbur and Orville made the first successful flight in world history", – he said. "Wrights believed that human flight is possible and can be achieved through systematic study."

This systematic approach combined with their intuitive mechanical ability and analytical intellect has allowed them to understand that the rise opposite the weight and it attracted the opposite of war, but more importantly, this flight could win only by controlling its three lateral, longitudinal and vertical axes. This misunderstanding has led to the failure of all previous experimenters.

Developing control surfaces to tame them and thus preserve the stability of the aircraft, they were able to turn their miserable gliders subjected to hundreds of walking starts from the nearby mountain Kill Devil Hill, into a successful flayter Wright.

Two buildings are reconstructed Wright Brothers & # 39; Camp in 1903 that left the hangar, and the right of their workshop and living quarters with a stove, a crude kitchen, pantry, desk and stairs to access the sling hung from the rafters, which are served their bunks.

Commemorative granite boulder marks the point of take-off four successful flights of December 17, 1903, and the markers positioned on the field for every point distance and the amount of air time required to achieve them.

Taking control of the Wright Flyer, while Wilbur served as his "ground crew" and stabilize the wings, Orville razvyavsya with runway runs at 10:35 at that historic day, covering 120 feet in 12 seconds, and the next attempt Wilbur pilotavav for many times he has covered 175 feet. The penultimate battle flew 200 feet in 15 seconds, and the last, and longest, a run of 852 feet in 59 seconds, followed by damage to the aircraft, as well as the difficulty out & # 39; I'm at the end of the season, eliminated further testing, and the brothers returned to Ohio .

According to the boulders, established by the National Association of Aeronautics United States December 17, 1928 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the event, "The first successful airplane flight was made from this place Orville December 17, 1903 in a car designed and built by Wilbur and Orville Wright" .

Former Sea sand and dunes, which stretched from the first boulder, still operated by the wind as much as had rockets and missiles with missile movements, has now been replaced by a tilted green field, but the aerodynamic force that is invisibly cleared the tender tips of the grass, still made zazihats them, perhaps in memory of this event for more than a century.

The lag from the take-off point, the designated home track, the fourth and most distant marker, requires a quick walk from the legs, which man was endowed with, but in 1903 it was covered with wings, which were birds. endowed. Thus, Wrights successfully crossed the human and animal species, prayavivshysya like a machine.

60-foot monument erected in the 90th futovay now grass-covered sand dunes of Kill Devil Hill opposite the airport The first flight from the runway to 3,000 feet, is the starting point of hundreds Wright unemployed. Flying a glider.

"… the sand is quite dazzles us" – they wrote at the time. "It is blowing through the land in the clouds. We certainly can not complain about the place. We came here on the wind and the sand, and we got them."

Full-size sculpture of stainless steel "Wright Flyer", located on the back side of the hill in its foundation and weighs much more than the original plane at 10,000 pounds, reflecting the historic first flight with photographer John Daniel with local rescue station is about to remove a single photo.

Centennial Hall, in the parking lot of a & # 39; the joint visitor center, museum and space flights, offers movies, aviation and aviation exhibits.

6. legs Head

Just a few miles south of Kill Devil Hills, Nags head – another attraction that is associated with the flight, Jockey Ridge State Park.

One of 35 state parks in North Carolina and four recreation areas that stretch from Mount Mitchell – the highest peak in the West – to the county Jock in the east, 425 acres, sport's highest sand dunes on the coast, which over the years changed in height from 90 to 110 feet.

It visited the center there is a museum with pictures of the dunes and its evolution, as well as exposure of the territory of the flora and fauna, and two hiking trails provide an exposition of the park firsthand: a 45-minute Soundside Nature Trail and 1.5 km to the sand. But its value is indisputable and dune itself, and she & # 39 is synonymous slip. The fact that Kill Devil Hills has become a place of birth of the power of flight, was also Nags Head for unauthorized personal flight, because the sport is much evidence of their roots.

Francis horns as the Wright brothers, who preceded him for almost five decades, has laid the foundation of sport and therefore is considered the "father of the modern hang glider." In an effort to make flying affordable and accessible to all, it took to the skies in 1948 on a makeshift glider wings which were collected from kitchen curtains wife, saying: "My intention was to give everyone the opportunity to experience flight first hand.".

Going by Wright footsteps on the sand, until they disappeared in the sky, he used the same methods run down, less than five miles from the ones that are used in Kill Devil Hills.

Kitty Hawk Kites, serving crest Jockey and was established in 1974, is learning how to start this leg and towed sliding procedures, and today with the & # 39 is the largest of such summer schools in the world, which has more than 300 thousand students its roster.

Initial Certified lessons taught by instructors entail ground instruction, launch dunes and sliding at an altitude of five to 15 feet.

Performance on a hang glider, the longest of the competition glider, held annually in May at the jockeys.

7. Island Roanoke

Circuiting between the upper edge of North Beach Dre, on Roanoke Island, eight miles long and two miles wide – is the site of the first English settlement in the New World and has several attractions for its interpretation.

Manteo, its commercial and government center – it's quaint, waterfront town of artists, fishermen, taverns, bed, breakfast, cafe, souvenir shops, galleries, restaurants, walkways and 53 moving the pier in the bay Shallobag and its history reflects the names of streets, such as Queen Elizabeth Avenue and Sir Walter release Street.

Named after the Croatan head, returned to the first English explorers in the late 16th century and was registered in 1899 as a city, it offers several of its own attractions. For example, Magnolia Market – an open air pavilion, which is used for the city-sponsored events. Tranquil House Inn, located on the Avenue of Queen Elizabeth, recalls the majestic hotel on the seashore of the 19th century "The top banks" with trees with Cypress, beveled stained glass, the back porch overlooking the bay, the canopy with a canopy, a continental breakfast, lunch and wine cheese and their own one thousand five hundred eighty-seven, restaurant.

Another attraction – the Maritime Museum of North Carolina, the main outpost in Beaufort and is situated in the boat of George Washington Kryf overlooking the Croatan Sound. Before the fire in 1939 in the next year in the area was the place the construction industry Manteo boats, and the current structure was built by the son Kryfa next year to renovate shedboty developed by his father and then became the state and # 39; Official vessel.

More shop than a museum, it gives visitors the opportunity to observe how the mainly volunteer staff restore and restore wooden housing, although the mattress at the exhibition, as well as other memorabilia.

The sidewalk leading to the other attractions of the city – the lighthouse Roanoke. External reconstruction of the area, cottage style, twisted beacons, which conducted the ships through the narrow channel between the Pamlico and Kroatanam sounds on the south side of the island in an area called "Swamp Roanoke" from 1877 to 1955 year, but swallowed with water during migration attempts.

The current replica with a fixed white light lens of the fourth order Fresnel was dedicated in 2004, during which Mayor John Wilson said: "In the coming years, as the islanders are associated with visitors along the promenade Motte, let us remember that, in this place, where it was built and launched so many ships, dreams still light the way … beacon is now throws its beam into the soothing night sky … "

Photos and artifacts of the lighthouse and maritime history can be explored inside.

Quick journey on the Queen Elizabeth Avenue and Cora Mae bridge leading to the festival park on Roanoke Island, 25 acres of outdoor living historical complex, which marks the first English settlement in America with several recreation.

For example, the American Indian city reflects algonkviyav coastal culture, which flourished in the Roanoke Island and the surrounding areas for thousands of years until the 1500s, at which time the lifestyle of nomadic hunters become more sedentary, agricultural.

No written language existed. As a result, the accounts of British researchers discovered the archaeological remains in the region, and the oral tradition of stories and crafts created the basis for the park exhibits.

Under the rule of Queen Elizabeth I, the original expedition organized by Sir Walter release, but the outbreak of Captain Arthur Barlow and scientist Thomas Haryo, arrived at the shores of the New World in 1584 and both recorded their impressions of the land which they had hoped to colonize. Reproduction of a small Indian city is the type with which they are met.

Basic structure in any algonkvotskim settlement was the home of the "privilege" or "leader", and he padrazdyalyavsya at the inner perimeter, which was intended for the public and serving area for guests and entertainment, as well as the inner room, where there were private functions such as high-meetings level, and family activities.

Several British researchers met Granganimea wife, a local leader, and then led to the outer perimeter of the premises of the house where they were warmed by fire, while his feet washed and washed clothes before driving in the inner room for the meal.

Another typical structure of the settlement was a lighthouse. Support Dust seedlings, bark which has been relaxed from young trees, assumes a curved roof, to reduce the vulnerability to the wind, and its pillars bound with cord. Then it was coated with base reeds or tangles.

Маты ці шкуры жывёл аднолькава закрывалі невялікія дзвярныя праёмы, каб паменшыць страты цяпла.

Іншыя дамы, зоны для падрыхтоўкі ежы і прыгатавання ежы, а таксама працоўныя прытулкі атачалі маяк, а звычайна на тэрыторыі вырошчвалі кукурузу і іншыя клямары.

Населеныя пункты звычайна падтрымлівалі ад 100 да 200 вяскоўцаў і былі вызвалены, калі зямля, на якой яны размяшчаліся, ужо не апрацоўвалася, хаця за дзесяцігоддзе паміж закідам і пераакупацыяй звычайна аднаўлялася яе прыдатнасць.

Індыйскае жыццё дадаткова ілюструецца экспанатамі для падрыхтоўкі ежы, падрыхтоўкай ежы, зямлянкамі і рыбалоўнымі балотамі.

Магчыма, галоўным момантам фестывальнага парку на востраве Роанок з'яўляецца прышвартаваны і бачны карабель Элізабэт II, экіпаж якога, як і астатнія яго сайты, касцюмаваны перакладчыкамі.

Пабудаваная ў 1983 годзе ў марскім музеі Паўночнай Караліны праз заліў, рэпліка, агульная даўжыня ў 69 футаў і шырыня 17 футаў, з'яўляецца кампазіцыяй распаўсюджаных тагачасных трохматорных гандлёвых караблёў. Прадстаўляючы тып, першапачаткова пабудаваны для перавозкі другой каланісты экспедыцыі 1585 года пасля таго, як каланісты Томаса Кавендзіша заклалі яго маёнтак для фінансавання яго, судна, ушаноўваючы 400-годдзе гэтай падзеі, выкарыстоўвае ружованую ядлоўцу і саранчу. калкі ў кілі, раме і насціле. Хоць адносна невялікі карабель, 50-тонная водазмяшчальнасць і 65-футовая асноўная мачта, быў у асноўным прызначаны для еўрапейскіх гандлёвых плаванняў, ён у роўнай ступені перасякаў адкрытыя моры.

У перыяд з 1584 па 1590 год было праведзена восем ангельскіх экспедыцый, якія прынялі ўдзел 22 караблі і 1200 салдат, маракоў і асаднікаў (у тым ліку 28 жанчын і дзяцей).

На комплексе гарадзішча, які прадстаўляе першую ангельскую вайсковую тэрыторыю на амерыканскай зямлі, уваходзяць палатка сяржанта, кузня і кавальская крама, станок з канатамі і вяроўкай, а таксама палка.

Акрамя гэтых экспанатаў, парк фестываляў на востраве Роанок таксама займае цэнтр наведвальнікаў; фільм "Легенда пра двухбаковы шлях"; музей прыгод Роанок; і значная крама сувеніраў.

Хроніка першых ангельскіх пасяленцаў расказваецца пра іншую важную славутасць вострава Роанок, Нацыянальны гістарычны помнік Форт-Ролі.

Хоць сам сэр Уолтар Рэлі ніколі не ступіў у Новы Свет, каралева Лізавета I атрымала статут, як ужо гаварылася, у 1584 годзе пачаць першае з трох так званых "падарожжаў на Раанок" у Амерыку, каб выбраць сайт для каланізацыя, стварыць лагер, з якога можна будзе адпраўляць набегі на іспанскія караблі і шукаць каштоўныя металы, такія як золата. Ён прыбыў у ліпені.

Пасля вяртання ў Англію было вырашана, што востраў, з-за ахоўных берагоў, быў аптымальным месцам, і яго зямля была вельмі добразычлівай, як гэта выказаў капітан Артур Барлоў у сваім дакладзе сэр Вальтэру Ролі.

"Мы палічылі гэта самай прыемнай і ўрадлівай зямлёй," пісаў ён, "папоўніўшыся добрымі кедрамі і разнастайнымі іншымі салодкімі лясамі, поўнымі парэчкі, лёну і мноствам прыкметных тавараў … Глеба самая багатая, мілая, плённым і карысным для ўсяго свету ".

Другая экспедыцыя, накіраваная ў наступным годзе са 108 салдатамі, мела намер паставіць канчатковую заяву на Англію.

Насустрач гэтаму больш пастаяннаму населенаму пункту на паўночным баку вострава быў пабудаваны земляны замак, але зніжэнне ранейшых сяброўскіх адносін з індзейцамі адбылося, калі яны пачалі паддавацца ангельскім хвароб і ўзімку, наўрад ці гэтак багатыя Збожжавыя культуры і харчаванне ў цёплы час года прымушалі асаднікаў станавіцца ўсё больш залежнымі ад індзейцаў, пакуль адносіны не сталі напружанымі. Забойства начальніка Вінгіна, самая галоўная падзея ў гісторыі маладзецкай калоніі, апячатала лёс Еўропы, і яны ад гэтага часу былі абвешчаны "ворагамі".

Абяцаныя караблі паставак, па-відаць, спазніліся, прымусілі іх вярнуцца ў Англію пры першай жа магчымасці – і калі сэр Фрэнсіс Дрэйк прыплыў на востраў Роанок, гэтая магчымасць прадставілася. Аднак пятнаццаць каланістаў заставаліся сачыць за крэпасцю і зямлёй, пра якую яны ўжо патрабавалі.

У чарговы раз перасякаючы Атлантыку падчас трэцяй экспедыцыі 1587 г., 117 мужчын, жанчын і дзяцей, якія маюць намер усталяваць пастаяннае паселішча і прадставіць рэальнае насельніцтва, абяцалі асобныя зямельныя ўчасткі.

Тым не менш, толькі адплыўшы назад на востраў Роанок, каб ізноў забяспечыць першапачатковыя 15, перш чым адправіцца ў глыб краіны, каб стварыць сваю вёску, яны не знайшлі пра іх ніякіх слядоў.

Джон Уайт, прызначаны губернатарам новай калоніі, вярнуўся ў Англію дзеля таго, што быў прызначаны толькі як кароткае падарожжа, але супярэчлівыя падзеі, уключаючы недахоп суднаў, з якімі плаваць, – перашкодзілі яго паўторнаму вылету да 1590 года. з наступнымі ў пачатку 17-га стагоддзя таксама не ўдалося знайсці страчаных асаднікаў, якія, відавочна, пакінулі ззаду закінуты форт і некалькі артэфактаў.

Аднак ім было даручана размясціць паведамленне, калі яны абралі пакінуць тэрыторыю альбо калі непрадбачаныя падзеі апынуліся шкоднымі для іх бяспекі, і з гэтай мэтай літары "CRO" былі высечаны на дрэве і з'явілася поўнае слова "CROATAN". на варотах, спасылаючыся на мясцовае племя і, магчыма, прычыну іх знікнення.

Нягледзячы на ​​тое, што раскопкі працягваюцца, канчатковай прычыны так і не было знойдзена, у выніку чаго засталіся тры гіпотэзы: яны памерлі ад прыродных прычын, на іх напалі ці добраахвотна з'ехалі – але куды і якімі спосабамі ніколі не было вызначана, калі на самай справе гэта трэцяя тэорыя дакладная.

Частку гэтай гісторыі распавядаюць артэфакты, выяўленыя падчас раскопак гарадзішча і адлюстраваныя ў музеі наведвальнікаў цэнтра Ліндсі Уорэн, галоўным момантам якога з'яўляецца дэкаратыўная драўляная ашалёўка, характэрная для елізабецінскага маёнтка, які калісьці ўпрыгожваў сцены Герондэна Хол у Кенце, Англія, перш чым набыць Уільяма Рэндольфа Херста ў 1926 годзе для ўласнага замка ў Сан-Сімяоне, штат Каліфорнія. Служба нацыянальнага парку набыла яго ў 1960-я гады. Памяшканні, такія, як у Цэнтры для наведвальнікаў, былі б распаўсюджаныя ў дамах заможных людзей, такіх як сам сэр Уолтар Рэлі.

Адкрытая сцежка вядзе да падмурка адноўленага землянога фарту. "На гэтым месцы," паводле каменнага маркера перад ім ", у ліпені-жніўні 1585 г. асаднікі, высланыя з Англіі сэр Уолтарам Рэлі, пабудавалі крэпасць, званую імі & # 39; Новы форт у Вірджыніі. & # 39 ; Гэтыя каланісты былі першымі пасяленцамі ангельскай расы ў Амерыцы. Яны вярнуліся ў Англію ў ліпені 1586 года разам са сэрам Фрэнсісам Дрэйкам, побач з гэтым месцам нарадзіўся 18 жніўня 1587 г. Вірджынія Дарэ, першы дзіця ангельскай мовы. бацькі, якія нарадзіліся ў Амерыцы ".

Гістарычны аповед пра першых ангельскіх пасяленцаў, які называецца "сапраўднай гісторыяй прыгод, мужнасці і ахвярапрынашэння", якая "ўзбагачае, навучае і забаўляе", мае назву "Страчаная калонія" і праводзіцца з канца мая да канца. Жніўня на адкрытым паветры Тэатра на воднай пляцоўцы, на пляцоўцы Нацыянальнага гістарычнага месца Форт-Рэлі. Грунтуючыся на сюжэце, напісаным аўтарам Пулітцэраўскай прэміі Полам Грынам, ён быў упершыню выкананы ў 1937 годзе, але працуе з тых часоў і працуе ў складзе акцёраў з больш чым 100 акцёраў, спевакоў і танцораў, якія ўзнаўляюць падзеі, якія прывялі да першага асаднікі & # 39; знікненне праз каралеўскія тэатралізаваныя паказы, індыйскі танец, эпічныя бітвы, элізабецінскую музыку і складаныя касцюмы.

Яшчэ адна мясцовая славутасць – Елізавецінскі сад, 10,5-гектарны батанічны сад, да якога звяртаюцца цагляныя і пяшчаныя сцяжынкі, які прапануе больш за тысячу гатункаў дрэў, кустоў і кветак.

"Створана для ўшанавання першых англійскіх каланістаў, якія ўпрыгожвалі гэтыя берагі", па дадзеных музея, ён тлумачыць: "Гісторыя, загадка і фантазія аб'ядноўваюцца ў гэтых спецыяльных садах, створаных Садовым клубам Паўночнай Караліны ў 1951 годзе як жывы мемарыял першыя ангельскія каланісты, якія прыйшлі даследаваць Новы Свет у 1584–1587 г. і пасяліцца на востраве Роанок ».

Згодна з шыльдай перад Домам варот, у пад'ездзе салона і крамай сувеніраў "Спектакль" Сімфанічная вулічная драма "Страчаная калонія" пасадзіў насеньне ў творчых розумах, якія ўпершыню прадумалі гэта сад ».

У гэтым спакойным аазісе ёсць шмат асноўных момантаў. Напрыклад, статуя каралевы Лізаветы I – самая вялікая ў свеце, якая ўшаноўвае яе, а побач меншая статуя Вірджыніі Смела. Цэглы ручной работы, лаўкі з гаргулькай, сезоннае красаванне, мармуровы стол і каменная птушыная ванна падкрэсліваюць выгляд саду на акадэмічны сад Roanoke Sound з тэраса з выглядам. Шпацыр па калёніі ўшаноўвае загінулых асаднікаў, якія калісьці хадзілі па гэтых берагах і былі высланы прыбярэжнымі раслінамі. Чарот з Ангела Норфолк быў выкарыстаны на саламяным даху рэплікі альтанкі 16 стагоддзя. Калекцыя Камеліі налічвае больш за 125 відаў гэтай кветкі, у той час як старажытны дуб захаваўся з часоў, калі асаднікі насялялі востраў у 1585 годзе.

Яшчэ адна славутасць вострава Роанок – акварыум Паўночнай Караліны, адзін з трох дзяржаўных аб'ектаў на ўзбярэжжы. Размешчаны, у прыватнасці, на беразе Roanoke Sound толькі ў некалькіх хвілінах ад рэгіянальнага аэрапорта графства Dare, ён намаляваны сваёй тэмай "Воды знешніх банкаў".

Прыбярэжная раўніна Паўночнай Караліны, як паказана на дысплеі "Прыбярэжныя прэсныя воды", забяспечвае дзікую прыроду рознымі прыроднымі асяроддзямі пасялення. Крыкі і рэкі цякуць праз балоты, пакосы і іншыя забалочаныя месцы на шляху да гукаў. Водныя шляхі звязваюць усе гэтыя асяроддзі пражывання, дазваляючы дзікім жывёлам пераходзіць з аднаго ў іншы.

Альбемарле Саунд сілкуецца сямі прэснаводных рэк. Каб выжыць у самім гуку, расліны і жывёлы павінны мець магчымасць прыстасавацца да зменаў салёнасці, якія самі ствараюць дажджы і скразнякі.

Рачныя выдры і алігатары блукаюць па экспанаце "Балотныя ўгоддзі на краі", а сярод іншых экспазіцый – "Марскія супольнасці" і "Адкрыты акіян".

Каардынацыйным цэнтрам акварыума з'яўляецца 285 000-галонны марскі салон "Могілкі Атлантыкі", на якім прадстаўлена больш за 200 рыб і самая вялікая калекцыя акул у Паўночнай Караліне.

Clarified drug laws

Crimes Against Drugs in North Carolina with the & # 39 are rigid, and the protection of these crimes requires a criminal defense lawyer release, Apex or Kerry not only the law, but also with the way the district attorney Wake County Uilabi Colon and his staff comply with the law. The District Attorney of Wake County has various "policies" that govern how various assistants Attorneys Attorneys – men and women who actually pursue the case – can be considered the case. These policies vary from time to time, but mostly they regulate whether the release of the prosecutor has in your business any opinion about how to deal with your case.

All crimes related to drugs in North Carolina – all statutory crimes under Article 5 of Chapter 90 of the General Charter of North Carolina. Crimes against drugs in North Carolina can be a crime or crimes. Simple possession of marijuana less than half an ounce – is generally Class 3, that & # 39 is the least onerous level of crime in North Carolina.

Heroin trafficking 28 grams or more, which requires proof that a person "knowingly", "sold, manufactured, delivered, transferred, or owned or conspiracy to sell a product, to deliver transport or possess" opium, including heroin, and the amount of 28 grams and more accused is entitled to a class C crime with a mandatory minimum term of 225 months' imprisonment. It is almost 19 years in prison about 1 pound of heroin.

Given the severe punishment for trafficking – trafficking in human beings and does not mean that you have to fly to Colombia – and the fact that these penalties are mandatory minimums, it is easy to understand how the defendants can get astronomical terms. for drug charges in Wake County, North Carolina.

In fact, these penalties are shocking many people who come from New York. I understand that the prosecutor's office in New York can give the accused 30 or 60 days in jail on charges that North Carolina would mean years and years in prison. Simply put, "but they are doing differently in New York" did not help. You are in North Carolina, where drug laws are very strict.

More common charges for drugs in North Carolina linked to obtain prescription drugs by counterfeiting or forgery. This crime can be pre & # 39; inkryminalnae revealed as a crime, or if the prosecutor can prove "intent" as a crime. the defendant will often take such offenders guilty of requests because of Wake County Attorney says otherwise, it would be brought to justice for their crimes. And as "intends", in many cases is not difficult to show, the defendant may lose in court and be convicted of a crime and class.

Another common drug with a & # 39 is a possession with intent to sell or deliver. To condemn this crime Wake County prosecutor must prove that the defendant had a controlled substance and intended to sell, manufacture or deliver it. Prosecutor need not prove that the person never did not sell. Just that a person intended to sell, manufacture or deliver it.

"Intention" can be proved by showing that the amount was too large for personal use of one person, or that it was packed in several bags. Just find the 10 stones crack cocaine was not enough to find the plans to sell or deliver. However, the conviction may have only 10 stones in 10 individual bags.

I have seen many cases where people have recently bought a few bags of drugs, perhaps some kind of pot or crack, and where the police stopped him immediately after, and found it a few bags of pot and charged him with possession with intent to sell or deliver (PWISD). These cases can be protected, so not hopeless. But it is important to remember that the more myashechanyh drug, the greater the likelihood that the police blame the helper PWISD, and not merely in the possession of the prosecution.

Finally, the most bizarre crimes in North Carolina with the & # 39 is deposited counterfeit controlled substances with intent to sell or deliver. That's what happens. Sneath, headquarters, or "confidential informant" who works in the police department release (RPD) or Wake County sheriff's office (WCSO) or to another police agency is coming to the guy on the street and asks him a couple of stones. The guy (who became my clients!) Nothing is not, but he wants to earn $ 50. So he said to the man that he would go "around the corner", to grab it. He goes around the corner, it takes a few white / yellowish tiny stones and comes back. Snitch (CI) gives him $ 50 in exchange for the "rocks" that literally rocks picked up ground, not drugs.

RPD started arresting Man or "the sale or delivery of counterfeit substances" or for "possession with intent to sell or deliver counterfeit substance." Obviously, this is nonsense. It is a crime when one guy, probably to a greater extent deceived the second guy with $ 50 in exchange for the stones. Perhaps this is some kind of scam. But it is not a narcotic offense.

But in Wake County, North Carolina, this may be before the & # 39; revealed by the prosecution at least to the crime and class.

Ban the cultivation of landfills in the electronics sector in the US – North Carolina promotes electronics recycling

When most people think about recycling, they think of garbage sorting to put plastic bottles, glass containers and paper products, framed by a classic triangular shaped logo. While these materials have long since & # 39 are the most common for recycling is growing awareness of the need to consider the processing of electronics as an important part of the green life. In fact, more and more countries Do not dispose of electronics to landfills and promote electronics recycling program.

Many consumer electronics can be recycled, including; mobile phone, television, computer & # 39; computer monitors, computer hard drives, keyboards, telecommunication waste, servers, boards, power supplies, CD-players, digital cameras and many other items. This long list of e-waste provides a new opportunity to dramatically reduce the amount of waste that modern society produces in the course of everyday life. Although the processing of electronic waste represents a great opportunity, it also represents a great potential danger, if we ignore it. For example, a CRT screen televisions (TVs classic) contain an average of four to eight pounds of lead. When firing in landfills lead from these units can be absorbed into the earth, resulting in soil and groundwater become toxic. This process is causing irreparable damage to the environment, as well as our own critical vital resource.

July 1, 2011, North Carolina became the 18th state of the trade union, which has put some ban on the disposal of electronics in landfills. Now residents of North Carolina must recycle their old televisions and computers. This prohibition extends all computer & # 39; computer components, including; monitors, CPUs, laptops, printers, fax, scanners, mouse, and keyboard. The ban also covers all TVs, including; flat-panel TV with a tube and a television with a projection.

Despite the fact that the ban aims to ensure that citizens can not be thrown away their e-waste in the trash, the government is not looking for targeted treatment of citizens. The new law will come into force at the sites, and these companies will be responsible for the rejection of waste containing prohibited items. Compliance with this new law presents additional problems for the officials because of the motivation to preserve their landfills can only be judged in each individual case. Beyond the guidance ranges take the initiative to make things right; little that prevents them from doing business as usual.

In addition to the benefits that this new law brings residents of North Carolina and the rest of the United States, the law is the growing trend of awareness and action to take the leaders of this country to translate the American people into a new era of ecology. responsible life. And while we're doing a huge leap in the direction of returning the harm we have caused in the past 50 years, other countries such as China and India, are experiencing technological revolution, and soon will be presented to the same problems that we look for in this country.

It is our responsibility as leaders of technology to show other countries that have productive lives responsibly, and that this lifestyle can go hand in hand with the economic health and prosperity. As soon as our manufacturing industry is growing, and contributes to the economic growth of this country, the people open their eyes to new possibilities. People are always given the opportunity to live responsibly, taking advantage of the many benefits of high-technology lifestyle.

Casinos in North Carolina

North Carolina is relatively new to gambling. The first casino in North Carolina was introduced in 1994. Casinos in North Carolina Cherokee Indians run. North Carolina has to offer visitors to its casinos shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful beaches. North Carolina provides the perfect vacation for the gambler who does not want to spend all their time at the casino.
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North Carolina became the 12th state November 21, 1789. It covers 53821 square miles with 301 miles of shoreline. In addition, North Carolina has two nicknames: it is known as Old North State or the Tar state-fifths. The population as of December 2000 was 8,049,313 people. Finally, North Carolina offers excellent outward & # 39; s and a climate that is focused on family visitors.
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Cherokee Indians opened the first casino in North Carolina in 1994. Casino Harrah & # 39; s Cherokee offers video games only, no table games. video game options include poker, slots and blackjack. The games offered have all the skills, even the slots. Gambling games are different from the slots, which can not skill, because there are two rotation, and the player chooses to save or discard the results of the first rotation. The agreement, signed between the Government of the State of North Carolina and the Cherokee Indians that created the casino to ensure that these machines for gambling have a minimum yield of 83%.
Casino Harrah’s Cherokee is open to gamblers over 21 years. The casino is open 24 hours a day. It is located in the 777 Casino Drive in Cherokee, just 55 miles south-west of Eshevila. The hotel has 252 rooms attached. There are also five restaurants on site. Casino Harro & # 39; s Cherokee family oriented with a children’s center and a relaxation area with 1500 seats. Parking free for casino guests. Casino Harrah & # 39; s Cherokee offers a great holiday option for families and singles.
Casinos in North Carolina are very different from the glittering casinos in other US locations. Casino Harrah & # 39; s Cherokee provides comfort and entertainment under one roof for the convenience of guests. North Carolina Visitors must enter and enjoy the casino. When not in the casino, guests can enjoy the entertainment or dining rooms, which are available at the casino or they can take a chance to enjoy the long beaches that can offer North Carolina. North Carolina provides casino entertainment and beach vacation to maximize recreation.
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Take a city break in Charlotte, North Carolina

As for the rest at the weekend in the US, many people to conveniently search for the most obvious option: after all, cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Miami, make excellent holiday and provides guaranteed fun, if you are looking for a short vacation, far from everyday life. However, a break in the city with a difference is important to think outside the box. For example, why not make a trip to Charlotte, North Carolina for a true taste of the rich historical heritage of the Deep South and the United States?
Whatever you had a city that you are looking for – whether it is a romantic getaway for two, a break from golf with the boys or cultural holiday fun for the whole family & # 39; and – Charlotte can deliver. The main place in the time of the American Revolution, Charlotte was known by many British soldiers as “the uprising’s Nest”, and the long historical heritage is manifested at every step. For example, you will still find horse riding and carriage in the city of Charlotte – is evidence of the colonial history of the city and a great way for travelers of all ages to assess Charlotte with an impressive Queen Anne nineteenth century. architecture.
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If you plan to vacation in Charlotte, you will find a number of sights and attractions to entertain you. If you are traveling with children, why not visit the Children’s Theater of Charlotte – one of the leading youth theaters in the country? Place the opening (Science Museum and the IMAX theater bathing) and ImaginOn – advanced educational children’s libraries and theaters – are also popular attractions for families.
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And if you are looking for a break from classes in Charlotte, you will find plenty of outdoor botanical and wildlife parks outdoors – you are looking for peace and quiet with your partner, or you & # 39; You want to show your family & # 39; and the wonders of the world. Visit the University of North Carolina at Charlotte Botanical garden to try and hum of higher education in the Charlotte, or make a trip to the Carolina Raptor Center – a site dedicated to the preservation and rehabilitation of birds of prey. And if that is not enough, do not miss the Botanical Garden “Daniel Stowe”, which is located on 111 acres, and Wing Haven Gardens and Bird Sanctuary.
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Charlotte also boasts a variety of cultural highlights, including the Charlotte Comedy Theater, Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, Afro-American Cultural Center and the historic plantation latte – a former cotton plantation, which now serves as a living history farm.
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Also, visit the famous museums of the mint, two separate on & # 39; sites that are devoted to the exhibition of fine art, or make a stop at the National Military Park Kings Mountain, the site of a decisive battle in the Revolutionary War.
In addition, the “Charlotte” boasts a large number of sports teams, including the Caroline Panthers, Charlotte Knights, Eagles Charlotte and Charlotte Bokaty.
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If you are passionate basketball fans with tickets for the game Charlotte Bobkats, you will find plenty of hotels in Charlotte, North Carolina, providing suitable accommodation. Thus, as long as you’re back in town, make sure you visit a huge number of various attractions of the city – you are sure to find something that will interest you!
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Visiting North Carolina duck

City Duck is located on the north end of the beautiful appearance Beach. Duck is located north of the town of Kitty Hawk and Southern coast, is the northern end of Dare County. After the town of Duck you enter the Corolla, which is Keryruk County. City Duck basically divided into small units.
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The uniqueness of each unit with & # 39 is part of what makes Duck so special. Each region has its own special feeling. Some visitors prefer the older areas that still give the opportunity to feel the outer banks in recent years, and for some they will only consider staying in one of the new units.
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Some of the most popular units include Duck Pine Island, Sanderling, Four Seasons, Tukahoe Carolyn dunes and Sound Naval village. They make up the whole city, but certainly it is one of the most popular places. Each area or subdivision offers its own amenities.
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Pine Island is traditionally a & # 39 is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Duck. High density housing in the Pine Island has contributed to making it one of the most desirable destinations for foreign banks. The Pine Island convenience, there are two pools, one of which is beautifully situated on the beach, outdoor tennis courts, a room for rackets Pine Island, multi-path and basketball courts. Another major area of ​​Duck – a division of Four Seasons.
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Edited by the four seasons is located south of the city center. He is idyllically located in the subdivision of the ocean. The convenience offered by the Four Seasons, an indoor pool, games room, fitness center, lighted multipurpose path, a sound, an outdoor swimming pool, tennis, volleyball and basketball courts. One of the most popular amenities Four Seasons – this trolley that circulates on the development. In addition to all the great places to stay, Duck offers an amazing city center.
The city center Duck offers enough purchases and tables for even the most demanding tourists. Dining at the Duck can be as simple as delicious chizburgerki or Baldie & gourmet tastes on the left side or the Blue Point. Many restaurants duck is becoming better known. Something can be found for every palette. We should not lose sight of the purchase in Duck. Several small local boutiques make up a percentage of stores in Duck. Here you will find unique shopping opportunities.
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City Duck – a great place to spend a vacation. From the beautiful homes with countless amenities to the affluent shopping and dining opportunities to find something for everyone. The city also sponsors many events throughout the year. Events in Dhaka are conducted mainly in the new sound of the park. If you are interested in finding the perfect holiday home in Duck, you can try search vacation rental Duck.
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Elliptic’s boss said that, though Facebook is “taking the flak,” plenty of other companies are exploring asset-backed virtual currencies. “It’s out of the box,” he said. “People are now thinking about this and what’s the right way of doing it.” Even central bankers are floating the idea, with Bank of England Governor Mark Carney proposing a reserve digital currency and China’s central bank claiming it’s close to releasing its own virtual tokens.
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Going forward, Elliptic is opening offices in Singapore and Japan as part of a push into the Asian market. Japan is an example of a country that’s shown more advances in the industry than others, Smith said, with “major banks” examining ways of offering cryptocurrency services to their customers. The company said revenues in Asia have increased tenfold in the last 12 months alone.
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The company recently learned that the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, used a donation website that generated a different bitcoin wallet address for each person that visited. That made it harder to track the funds and see where they were sent. The group has been designated as a terrorist organization by Israel, the U.S. and the EU.
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“Because we are always on top of what’s about to happen, we can see when those funds start to move to exchanges,” Elliptic’s co-founder and CEO James Smith told CNBC in a phone interview. “We were able to let our customers know that these funds were heading towards them, and they were able to stop them.”

This "green" focus making North Carolina the best place to move or resignation

"Reuse and recycling" became a popular phrase that shows our growing concern and commitment as a nation to find the best ways to be environmental leaders, and North Carolina – this is one place that covers the green trend and practice of green building.

General principles of "green building", established by the leadership of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) in the division Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), consist of four major areas:

  1. energy efficiency
  2. water efficiency
  3. the use of recycled or sustainable building materials
  4. healthy quality of indoor environment

North Carolina ensures that all these areas are working in construction projects across the country.

Projects "Green Building" in North Carolina impressively include all that relates to projects such as:

  1. Eco-boarding College Warren Wilson near Asheville, North Korea
  2. Repair of an abandoned building in which are now the architects Brown and Jones in Raleigh, North Korea;
  3. Driven into the earth wall and radiant heating system in the residence Philips Pitsbora, North Korea.

North Carolina Sur & # 39; ozna refers to the practice of green building, and does not limit its commitment to large enterprises, schools and private residences. In fact, in 1998, North Carolina has committed to become a leader on environmental surveillance. This commitment has kept the taxpayers' money through green practices. In addition, North Carolina "azelyanela" all state government buildings.

We are in "Revenge of the values" encompassed a variety of ways, when North Carolina passed green trends and environmental management, in particular the practice of "green building".

For those who are interested in "green", follow the direction of the North Carolina and yet find out the best place to move or retire to North Carolina is now ten steps to the green house and a green lifestyle.

  1. Recycle and reuse : Get involved in your local recycling program and to prioritize the purchase of recycled products.
  2. turn it off : Turn off the lights or appliances that should not be included.
  3. Get out : Spend less time driving and more time on the move, running or cycling. Search for a community that will help you to do without a car.
  4. Watch what you eat Try to eat less meat and more local fruits and vegetables; Local farmers will be grateful to you, less energy is consumed, and it's great.
  5. Consume less water , Especially hot water: switch to the toilets, faucets and showers, and remember that you are using a lot of energy for heating of hot water.
  6. Green building / repair See what you can do to improve the energy efficiency of the structure of your home, especially government programs to promote energy-efficient construction / repair.
  7. adjust the light : Compact fluorescent bulbs save energy and money.
  8. Plant something : A tree or garden, something green.
  9. Update your technique : Look for more energy-efficient model.
  10. borrow Instead finish buying, think first about the loan.

Do not forget that finding the best place to move or retire to North Carolina, you can save money by going green.

Energy-efficient houses reduce bills, help resell account and combined with the practice of green building to help the environment as a whole.

Extension of visa status in North Carolina

People can immigrate to the US for employment or educational opportunities. If they enter the country, their visas allow them to stay in the US for some time.
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Expiration date of the permit for stay of the person can be found in the lower right corner of the US Customs and Border Protection (CPP) Form I-94, Record of the arrival and departure.
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There are several reasons that you may need to extend the immigrant visa status. As in North Carolina live-known institutions such as the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University and the University of North Carolina, many people tend to extend the visa for academic purposes. Specific reasons may include:

  • The student needs additional time to complete their training
  • The student wants to pass summer school
  • The student wants to attend graduate school

Regardless of whether a person is in the US on a student visa, for example, F-1 or M-1 or B-1, B-2 or M-2, he can use the US Citizenship and Immigratsyynyya Service (USCIS), e immigration system (ELIS) ​​electronically file form I-539 application for an extension / change of status neimigranta. USCIS encourages people to apply to extend your stay at least 45 days before the expiration of their authorized stay.
People can apply for an extension of visa status until such time as:

  • They have been lawfully admitted to the US non-immigrant visa
  • Their status of non-immigrant visas are still valid
  • They did not commit any crimes, which make them unsuitable for obtaining visas
  • They have not violated the conditions of their admission
  • Their passports are valid and will be valid for the period of stay

As part of the treatment on the extension of the visa status of the person may be required to submit to the CCIS evidence which may include:

  • Documents showing the reasons for the extension of
  • Proof of sufficient funds, the applicant can support in the US
  • support confirmation

A person who stays in the country after his visa expired term, risks to be deported. If a person has filed a Form I-539 and the date specified in his pass I-94 passes, he or she will most likely not be afraid that will be taken action to remove, until his application is still under consideration. However, it is recommended that the immigrants did not take any unauthorized employment opportunities, and students can not participate in any classes until their status extension has not been approved UCIS.
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Marvin, North Carolina – A rich history

The rich history of North Carolina's Marvin has many beautiful and humorous stories. Passed down from generation to generation since the Civil War and ending with the Battle of the pocket watch, and hundreds of thousands of dollars, there are so many stories that affect and white and black community Marvin, and then and now.

The story of two wealthy white sisters Maggie and Sally Ross, began like any other sisters in Marvinskay Society of North Carolina. They courted the black man, and then his daughter, when she was old enough. These sisters were at that time the governor of cousins, but it does not have neither here nor there. The sisters were very good and wanted to give the man and his daughter anything when they passed away, so I wrote the same will and left everything that belongs to them home, their vast wealth, and three of the five pocket watch man and his daughter. Before dying, they built a daughter and her new husband a lovely home for them to live. Thus, the first Sally's sister died in 1909, and then in 1920, Maggie died, leaving a man and his daughter more than eight hectares. land and a big house and all the small houses for the workers. They were the new owners of everything that had sisters.

Of course, all the sisters cousin came out of the woodwork to protest against the will and want their share amounted to 800 acres of land, because they were blood relatives and felt that a man and his daughter did not deserve any part of a house or land. The jury believed that the sisters were wrong about the man and his daughter as a family & # 39; and and make it useful, allowing them to keep the house and 800 acres of land, including all cabins and three hours.

This is just one of the many stories of Marvin, North Carolina. The area is rich on horseback and horses and has been around for many, many years. This bizarre village somewhere in rural areas and up in the suburbs. They managed to get through the line and keep the company close to all who have moved here and live here.

Marvin made a city council, which commissioned the Advisory Board of the parks, green roads and recreation, which preserve the character of the countryside will help establish a sense of community, to preserve the natural habitat and provide natural opportunities for recreation Marvin people by creating more green areas parkavanyh . They are designed for people who walk, ride bikes, and hiking.