Search for pets in North Carolina


Summer is just around the corner, and maybe you're already planning your vacation. If you like most parents pets probably hard to imagine a trip to vacation without your pet. So, do not think for a minute to think. With so many accommodation for pets, plan a trip that includes your pet easily. After all, your pet is part of the family & # 39; and and well deserved rest.

Regardless of whether you are planning a vacation on the beach or in the adventure trip in the mountains of North Carolina offers a wide range of experiences for you and your furry friend. Many accommodation with pets provides all the amenities that you would expect when you are away from home, but they also offer special amenities for your pet. Despite the fact that in North Carolina, there are many options for accommodation with pets, below are just a small selection of the choice of this beautiful state.

  1. Barkwells Rest on holiday – Located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountain in River Mills in Barkwells presented seven cabins for rolling pets for more than eight acres of fenced meadows. You and your dog can play in the meadows or simply relax on the porch overlooking the pond. Do not worry: your dog can splash around in the pool, swim and play to your heart. Each cabin has a porch, a door for the dog and fenced yard so your dog can play or slumber, standing in a safe environment, if you are absent for the day.
  2. Brinda Beach Vacations – Conveniently located in Carroll on the upper banks of North Carolina, Brinda Beach offers more than 130 holiday homes for pets that take dogs. Play on the beach with his dog and watch as he frolics in the sand and surf, swim in the ocean or chasing crabs. After a day on the beach, unwind with a relaxing stroll on one of the nearby cycling / jogging, which are ideal for dog walking.
  3. Fire mountain – This is a secluded retreat on the top of the mountain, located a few miles outside Sugor & # 39; I, my luxurious cabin for pets with great views. You and your dog can run and play on more than 50 acres of open pastures and meadows. If you feel more exciting, explore hiking trails, located at the top of Fire Mountain at an altitude of over 4,000 feet.
  4. Cabins hidden Creek – These cottages rent for pets, located in the Great Smoky Mountains in the town of Bryson, offer a fantastic experience for you and your pet. It's no secret that dogs love to walk, so wear walking shoes and explore the hiking and walking trails, designated as the friendly animals. Or visit the Island Park, located in the heart of the city, and enjoy a picnic. Hidden Creek Cabins also welcome cats.
  5. William and Garland Motel – This small, family-run hotel for pets, on a natural area of ​​sand dunes salter-Tires in Salter-Stein is located in the middle of the buggy Baga in North Carolina, the Crystal Coast. Enjoy a leisurely day at the beach, playing with his four-legged friend or take a walk in one of the towns Pet intended for pets. The motel also welcomes cats.
  6. Hotel and Condominiums Duke Tower – Located in Durham hotel, which is located in pets, it is located a few minutes from Duke University. Enjoy the sights of this beautiful area, and after a day of fun activities Take the dog for a walk across the road from the hotel on the American Tobacco Trail. You can also explore the hiking trails in the Duke University on the East Campus, which allows dogs. Cats are also welcome at the hotel.

vacation planning with your pet requires some training, so do your homework to make sure that the ownership of the animal, where you want to stay, well suited to you and your pet. To learn more about these and other hotels and accommodation in North Carolina, visit After a little research, you warrant that you and your pet will spend a happy and safe holiday, and you will create memories that you'll cherish for a lifetime.


Should corporations, with & # 39; appear in court in North Carolina, with a & # 39; to appear through a lawyer?


Running a business as a corporation, including LLC (limited liability corporation) or PLLC, or as a partnership, it has many advantages in North Carolina, including the limitation of liability of business owners. However, there are some flaws in business as a corporation (as opposed to the individual enterprise). One of them is the fact that in North Carolina corporation can not represent themselves through their unpretentious staff and owners in court proceedings, for example, in consideration of the District or High Court; a corporation must & # 39 will be through a licensed attorney in litigation or other legal proceedings.

Practice law in North Carolina is governed by statute. Legal practice includes legal services for another person, firm or corporation with compensation or without the preparation of court documents, assistance in legal work and advice of another person, firm or corporation with respect to their legal rights. (Constitution of the General Staff § 84-2.1) Status specifically states that a non-lawyer can not "act as counsel or adviser of the law in any action or legal proceedings before any judicial authority, including the Industrial Commission of North Carolina and the Public Service Commission . "In one of the cases, it follows that the corporation can not even demand the continuation of the court, so it is with the & # 39 is the law.

Federal courts usually apply the same rule, requiring the corporation to & # 39 appeared through a licensed attorney. The rule also applies to partnerships and non-profit corporations. Some federal cases are exempt from this rule, for example, the proceedings before the administration of social security, the Internal Revenue Service and Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

The leading case on this issue in North Carolina is located in the annex 155 NC. 205, 573 SE2d 547 (2002). In this case the plaintiff sued the defendant, who was a corporation. The Corporation was the sole shareholder, who was also president, CEO and chairman of the board. This owner has filed an answer and counterclaim, and, apparently, with the & # 39; appeared in court to argue with one or more petitions. The plaintiff sought to get an answer on the grounds that the owner was unable to provide an answer to their corporation. The presiding judge was contacted by a lawyer in North Carolina (regulator of licensed attorneys in North Carolina and who is also investigating the unauthorized practice of law), who told the judge that the owner can present it in the court of the corporation. Later the case came to the Court of Appeals of North Carolina, who thought it was a mistake. The Court wrote: "In North Carolina, the corporation must be represented properly recognized and licensed attorney and can not continue to work if you do not do so in accordance with the (limited) exception."

One of these exceptions & # 39 is that the employees of the corporation may be a corporation in court with small claims. 86 supplement NC. 469 (1987). The motives of the suspected case, but this exception is still recognized.

Can a corporation to represent itself in the administrative proceedings before the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) or to the board or licensing agency, it is not entirely clear. General Statute 84-2.1 NK states that the practice of law is as follows: "Preparation and submission of applications to be used in any court of law, including the administrative courts and other judicial or quasi-judicial bodies or assist advice, counsel or otherwise in any legal work" . State College said, obviously, based on the status as "a & # 39; appearance in court or before any judicial or quasi-judicial authority on behalf of another" with the & # 39 is a legal practice.

Thus, it would appear that the corporation must be a & # 39; to appear through a lawyer in the administrative order. The term "quasi-judicial" generally means "means whether relating to the powers and functions similar to the judge, such as those undertaken by the arbitrator, the administrative court". It further states that "disproved the case" in the jurisprudence of North Carolina – it kvazisudovyh administrative proceedings for the settlement of the rights, duties and privileges of the person involved in a dispute with the administrative authority "358 NC 649, 657 (2004)..

On the other hand, in a case it indicates that a corporation may present itself in the administrative proceedings, when a particular rule or charter not declare more. 187 NC addition. 227, 653 SE2d. 11 (2007). Therefore it is difficult to generalize this exact problem and to predict how courts will decide in certain administrative conditions.

The corporation, which acts in the Supreme or District Court in North Carolina, or speaks to colleagues or management of administrative proceedings should therefore retain a lawyer representing it, or at least retain a lawyer to advise, need a legal attorney. If a lawyer is required, the lack of a lawyer means that Microsoft can not claim their rights and can not defend themselves.